Upcomings Visits! Michael & Brandy To Hit A Few Theaters across The Midwest

Doc here with a quick Upcoming Visit Announcement from Michael & Brandy... I have also included a few pics of Brandy in action (thanks to M!)

Take it away, M&B...


Dr. Emilio,

Brandy and I are on the move Wednesday for work and play. We travel by motorcycle and have for 40 plus years, both ride. Because this is both work and play we have decided to make the evenings play if all works out correctly. 15th Avenue in Chicago Wednesday night, Waterloo Thursday night and Tea, South Dakota Friday night. Our destination is Sturgis for company and magazine photography. Will try and send shots and have Brandy send in a few reports.


(Click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)


Doc here again... Thanks to Michael and Brandy for the heads up on their upcoming visits. We look forward to your reports.

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