A Few Minutes with The Good Doctor: Milestone Monday Edition

When we last left The Good Doctor, he was racing away on the Lizardo 3000... The hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A Good Doctor...

Good day to you, and to all the ships at sea.  Doc here, your humble kaiju, with a long overdue "A Few Minutes with The Good Doctor".  There is plenty happening right now within this thing of ours, and I felt it was necessary to regroup a bit and break down the headlines and details.

Let's get started, shall we?

Monday August 5th was the single busiest traffic day here at The Journal in it's almost 4 year history. Thanks in part to both Moaning Lisa and her Couple's Flash Report from 15th Avenue in Chicago, Don Vito & Gingersnap's report (and HOT pics) from The Westwood Theatre in Toledo, and Neo Toledo's Saturday report from Toledo, The Journal registered over 11,400 pageviews. Thank you!!!

Interest in this thing of ours is growing, and on a national and international scale. For example, this screen shot of traffic from over the weekend:

There are now several hubs of adult theater activity domestically that provide couples and single an avenue to express themselves in a theater setting. And on a daily basis,  The Journal strives to bring you the latest reports from both these hubs as well as any other adult theater in the country. 

Thank you, the good readers of The Journal, for making The Journal of Adult Theaters your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.

Indiana & Ohio as the Center of the Adult Theater Universe This Weekend

This coming weekend, my good friend Cathy (from Cathyscraving.com) will turn two top adult theaters upside down with her appearance.

Starting Friday August 9th at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN, Cathy returns for her second visit to arguably the most hardcore adult theater in the country. Last year Cathy (and her partner in crime Mia) drained every guy in the house over 3+ hours.  This year Cathy is going solo, and determined to break her record from last year in both the theater and the gloryhole booths.  The fun starts at 8pm CST, with The Good Doctor and Cathy's hubby documenting the event.

Saturday August 10th finds Cathy hitting the road and heading to Toledo, OH and the terrific Westwood Theatre for a special appearance starting at 8pm EST. Cathy is looking forward to the first of hopefully many visits to The Westwood's theater and booths. If you have ever wanted to get up close and personal with an internet porn star, this is your chance Toledo! Also, a little birdie has told me that Cathy *might* be tag teaming in the booths for a time with another Toledo legend: Gloryhole Nancy

The Cathy news crew of The Good Doctor & Cathy's hubby will also be on hand to capture the event as it happens.  I encourage you to follow me on Twitter for updates on both events as they go down.  @LizardoJournal is my handle.

A housekeeping (or better said, a manscaping) issue to adhere to: Guys, If you attend either event and want to participate, make sure you are:
  1. Freshly showered
  2. Shaved and trimmed
  3. Ready to go
  4. Patient and well behaved (security has been arranged for both sites to ensure things run smooth in this department)
Not adhering to any of these rules will exclude you from possibly the hottest adult theater night you'll experience.  Why risk that?  Cathy will stay as long as there are stiff ones to say hello, so be patient as good things happen to those who exercise patience.

Lastly, whether you attend the CTs or the Westwood Theater appearances, tell the counter staff that "Doc sent me/us".  And if you see a Sicilian who has the faint scent of meatballs about him, step up and introduce yourself. There is a good chance it will be The Good Doctor.


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