Breaking News! Interview with The Good Doctor at YNOT.COM by Peter Berton

Doc here with some pretty exciting news... Last month The Good Doctor did an interview with YNOT.COM's Peter Berton for a report on the adult theater scene. And what better source to interview than your old friend in the white suit.

If you have never heard of the site before, YNOT.COM is an adult industry trade journal, and very well respected with the adult entertainment industry.  Articles from every aspect of the industry appear on it's web site, and there is a lot of great content to absorb.

I give shout outs to some of my esteemed colleagues, and to two of the top adult theaters in the country (The Art Cinema in Hartford, and The Westwood Theatre in Toledo).

Please do me a favor and check out my interview at YNOT.COM. Here is the link:

Comments about the interview?  I will publish the best of them... E-mail me at

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