Cathy Report #2: "Party with Cathy" @ The Westwood Theatre in Toledo on 8/10/13 by The Oral Reporter

Doc here, the sea bass Gotham needs, but not right now. 
Here is the first "Party with Cathy" report from Toledo, courtesy of our good friend, The Oral Reporter.  TOR was in fine form Saturday night, handing out flowers to the ladies, as well as doing his patented tongue push ups on the ladies of The Westwood.
If you read closely, I make a couple of cameo appearances in TOR's report.  There was no mention of any scent of meatballs I might have given off, and for that I am grateful.
This is a two cans of Fresca report... Satisfying and full of detail.
Take it away, Oral Reporter!
Hi Doc,
Well it was a great night at the Westwood Theatre in Toledo this past Saturday. It was also an honor to meet you and to shake the hand of the guy who is keeping this thing of ours alive and well across the country.
For you readers out there who were in attendance Saturday night at the Westwood Theater, I was the guy who was handing out the flowers to all the lovely ladies as they came into the theater. I asked each lady starting out with our guest of honor Cathy if she would like either a red or yellow carnation.  I only had a dozen and by the end of the night they were all gone.  I think a few ladies came in when my attentions were between some ladies legs, and my tongue was getting a good workout so I may have missed offering a few ladies a flower.  To any I missed, I'm sorry but a guy has to do what a guy has to do when the opportunity presents itself.
Doc, as you know, the place was packed. I did not keep an accurate count on the number of couples in the theater during the night.  I would estimate about 15 or more couples were in attendance.  Not every couple it seemed were there to play. I saw one older couple who were only watching what was going on, and had the deer in the headlights look.  They did not run right out, in fact it seemed that they were enjoying themselves and stayed for a couple hours.  They stayed in the couples section and had a good view of the action going on next to them as well as on stage.  During the night I passed by this couple, with the remaining flowers in my hand and politely asked if I could lick her pussy for her, she declined both times.
The Westwood Theatre
Toledo, OH
he first lady I approached was a regular (they call her Blondie) and she told me she tries to come by every Friday and Saturday.  I had given her a flower earlier and when I saw her sitting alone I asked her if she would like her pussy licked. She said yes of course I would so down I went and she was a loud moaner. The guy at the front told me he heard her and he was across the theater.  She seemed to enjoy every lick I gave her.  Later in the evening I joined her in the Couples Only section and proceeded to lick her to a nice loud orgasm again.  The deer in the headlights couple was within 5 feet of where Blondie and I were going at it. She watched but was not into receiving any.  I believe they will be back and next time probably at least play with each other.
Once Cathy came back into the theater section from the glory hole booth and went up on stage, the complexion of the audience changed.  A lot of the guys began filling in the first couple of rows in front of the stage to watch the show and to participate in the blow jobs being given by Cathy. They started out going up on stage two at a time; one on each side of Cathy. She took turns blowing each guy who came up and to completion. 
From Cathy's 2012 Visit To
CTs Adult Theater
I looked at the line going up to the stage and there was Blondie in the line to go up and give Cathy a good pussy licking.  I decided to join her and be in line to also give Cathy a good pussy licking.  Blondie was between her legs and seemed to do a good job.  A few other guys were next and each received a great blow job from Cathy.  Then it was time for Cathy to take a break and I was going to be next on stage. 
After the break she did not go back on stage, but was seated in the front row of seats.  I got my chance to lick that shaved pussy of Cathy's. I got down in front of her and started liking while she was giving blow jobs.  Those seats are pretty low to the ground and it was difficult for my talented tongue to do a good job.  I wish she would have been back on stage on the love seat, where I could have done a better job, but being a good soldier I put my head down and gave it my best.
The rest of the night was a crazy! There was a couple I believe from Canada (Ed. note: This was my friends Tony and Silk), and she was dressed for fun and was enjoying quite a few guys. There was a large crowd around her, and when I finally got a chance to see what was going on, I saw The Good Doctor in the middle of the group, taking pics.  She seemed to have a face full of hot cum and then it was time for her to take a break.  She was a tall slender beautiful woman who liked to show off how much of a Cum Queen she could be. She was a real fan favorite during the night.
Then there was the couple that I have read about before... She was a little thing with blond hair. I first saw her in the couples area and then the next minute she is being carried up to the stage on her guy's shoulder (ed. note: This was Caution Girl and HarleyDOM).  He puts her on the edge of the stage all she had on was yellow caution tape wrapped around her tits and another band of it around her waist.  He then proceeds to lick her pussy so everyone could see,  I offered to give him a break and lick her beautiful shaved pussy, but again I struck out.  He then put her on her knees and began spanking her ass getting harder with every slap.  She was a good submissive and took every slap very well.  She proceeded to suck him and then he fucked her bareback on the stage and gave her some additional spanks to the ass.  When that was over she got another ride on his shoulder (fireman style) back to the couples only section. 
The Westwood's Couple's Section
Another couple had taken up residence on the same sofa, but there was room for the 4 of them.  The other couple on the sofa was an older (middle aged) couple; she had a set of very large and perfect breasts that looked like DD size to me, and she was very stunning.  Her guy had a mustache that would make most guys envious.  The interaction between this couple and the caution tape couple started and seemed to last for an hour or more. 
The penis gallery along side of the rail was enjoying the action between the two couples as they swapped partners several times.  The Canadian Couple came back and sat in front of to the two couples I was just talking  about.  Again I was witness too the Canadian guy fucking his female partner, and then she started getting a face full of cum from the Penis gallery along the rail and also from the Big Black Cocks she traveled down here for. 
Doc, you seemed to be everywhere! In fact, you were doing a great job of getting lots of photos on the Canadian couple's camera of her getting her face covered in cum bukkake style.  There was too much going on in various parts of the theater to keep track of it all, but even after most of the couples left, a few last minute couples came in and played both in the couples section and the first row of the theater in front of the stage. 
This last couple who started playing in the 1st row, finally decided to get up on the stage and put on a show.  Before they got up on the stage, they started playing along the wall of the stage. The guy said "OK guys you can touch but don't watch". He quickly realized he had it backwards, and changed what he said to "watch but don't touch".  There were already hands heading in her direction including mine.  Everyone realized he messed up, shared a laugh, so everyone was cool with the watch but don't touch rule. 
They got up on stage and she sucked his cock for a while then he bent her over and fucked her doggie style.  She was really getting pounded and he had a big grin on his face while he was fucking her.  He loved being the center of attraction and they put on a great show up there.  She was a young brunette with large boobs and a pretty face.
I forgot that earlier in the night, after Cathy had given some great blow jobs to many guys, she picked out one young slender guy and in the couples section they went. She put a condom on his cock and he started fucking her nice and hard.  Cathy was doing a little moaning and seemed to be enjoying herself.  Doc I saw you there taking some pictures of Cathy getting pounded by this young stud.  I do hope there will be many pictures of this event published.  I'm sure everyone can go to Cathy's web site and view not only still photos of the fun she was having but also video of the whole night as Cathy did what she does best, that being giving great blow jobs one after the other until all cocks are drained.
I did not get to the gloryhole action with Cathy, so I'm sure some of those photos will be put up online also.  At that time I was still handing out flowers to the lovely and sexy ladies who were coming into the theater.
I know there was much more to report on, but as I get older my memory isn't as good as it used to be.  I'm sure there will be many other reports about the night and they will probably cover other couples in the theater that night.
Doc, I would say the night was a complete success, and there was fun for all who wanted it. In fact, Cathy was asking for more guys to come to the stage and have her drain the cum out of their cocks but I think stage fright got to some of the guys.
Thanks Doc for helping to set this up, and of course thank you Cathy for all you do for this thing of ours.  To the other couples who were in attendance (especially Blondie), I thank you all for the enjoyment I had.  Guys, you were pretty well behaved and that was what allowed some of the couples to be more open and enjoy all the sexy fun they had.
Bye for now.
This is the Oral Reporter signing out.
Doc here again... Many thanks to The Oral Reporter for an outstanding Flash Report from the BIG event at The Westwood Theatre featuring Cathy. And thank you for bringing flowers for the ladies!  Nice touch, sir.
More reports to come from Cathy's weekend!
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