Couple's Flash Report! CplinDelaware at The Westwood Theatre on 7/26/13

Doc here with a terrific first time report from new contributors CplinDelaware.

They visited the awesome Westwood Theatre in Toledo last week, and this is their report.  I encourage you to pay attention to the differences between their last visit and this new visit, and the improvements and upgrades made by the great ownership team at The Westwood Theatre.  The transformation of this classic adult theater, the top notch staff, and the couple's friendly environment is what is keeps bringing couples back to The Westwood.

Here we go!



My wife and I visited the Westwood Theatre on Wednesday 7-26 and I must admit I was apprehensive about taking her because the last time we were there was about nine years ago, and the old trolls wouldn't leave us alone.  We only went after reading up on your page about the changes made there, and this is our report. 

The Westwood Theatre
First of all the staff at the desk was very friendly, and if I can say the blonde woman working there last night is very attractive! We signed our papers, and the security guy working explained the couples section, the "problem button" and all the other pertinent information to us.  We went in and sat down on a couch in the couples section and watched the movie playing.  There were some guys checking us out but nobody bothered us which was a welcome change. 

After a while we ventured into the booths, found a booth with a GH that we went into together and my wife had her first experience with that and she loved it.  We ended up staying for probably 3 hours all together, and saw some couples come and go but no real action.  We had to leave around midnight due to a 2 hour drive home, and I suspect that had we stayed it would have picked up. 

All in all I would say it was a positive experience, the wife got soaking wet she was so turned on, the staff was extremely friendly and helpful and we will definitely be back.



Doc here again... Many thanks to CplinDelaware for taking the plunge and submitting their first report. I am glad they illustrated the changes at The Westwood Theatre, and how those changes will bring them back once again.

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