Couple's Flash Report! Don Vito & Gingersnap @ The Westwood Theatre - Part 2: Saturday Night Gloryhole Blowout (10 PICS!)

Doc here with the best Hump Day present you'll ever get: Part 2 of Don Vito & Gingersnap's Wild Westwood Weekend.
It's now Saturday night, and the Dynamic Duo of Gingersnap and Gloryhole Nancy form their own version of Superfriends and tag team in the gloryhole and in the theater.
Fasten your seatbelts, and remember to click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE the pics.
Hello again Doc,
Well here it is, my half of the report you've all been waiting for, Gingersnap and Gloryhole Nancy and their Saturday Night Gloryhole Blowout!
The Westwood Theatre
Toledo, OH
We'd been planning a trip to T- town and the Westwood Theatre; when much to my surprise, Ginger tells me she'd been in contact with T & Nancy and was asked to join Nancy in the gloryhole.  What could be better than that?
I quickly found out. I was given seat of all seats, invited into the inner sanctum to witness first hand these ladies at work. 
Saturday night, 8pm, I enter the booth with Ginger and Nancy while T maintains the line of men and keeps a steady stream of cock flowing through the hole and into their waiting mouths.  It was amazing!
Like a well oiled machine, a cock would enter the hole and the ladies would be on it, mouths and tongues and hands swirling, sucking and draining man after man. I could hear them losing their loads; the heavy breathing, the gasps for breath, the wall occasionally shaking a bit as they'd lean into it, I can only imagine they were trying not to collapse. Doc, I've had the pleasure of experiencing these 2 together before, I know how amazing they are. 
Cock after cock, load after load, Ginger and Nancy were the cocksucking dynamic duo!  And I was there taking it all in and snapping photos. For an hour, maybe longer the girls double teamed those guys one after another. I don't think a single guy lasted more than a few minutes. I'm almost positive no one lasted 5.  I don't know if it was all the action going on inside or if it was the Don was panting like a horndog but it was getting hot in there and was time to give the girls a rest and fresh air.
Gingersnap (left)
& Gloryhole Nancy (right)
After a short break, we entered the theater as a foursome. Our sofas facing each other, the ladies began to give us our just desserts. Some time later, I sent Ginger over to the other sofa to help Nancy give T one of those incredible double blowjobs. The Westwood men gathered at the side and admired the ladies at their best, at times giving words of encouragement in hushed voices as not to interrupt the scene at hand. I leaned back in the couch, cock in hand slowly stroking and just wallowing in glow of the debauchery of the evening. Off to my right was a couple or two, stealing glances of the girls and T. One of the couples started getting active and some of the guys went to check them out. 
Meanwhile, T was depositing his donation into the girls joint account. A few moments later Ginger rejoined me and began to "saying hello to my little friend", it wasn't long before Nancy joined us.
How do you take something so amazing and make it better?  The words just aren't there to express it.  Head from one of them is as good as it gets, but to put them both on one cock!?!  You hear people say "she sucks like a Hoover". No, this is like a fucking twin-cylinder Dyson, sucking at 6 times the force of gravity! I thought it was good the first time? I haven't experienced anything that good ever! Ginger on my cock and Nancy sucking and licking my balls, then they'd trade off and then both of them on my cock at the same time! Back and forth and all around they went as I held on for one wild ride.
I don't know how long they had me on lockdown, edging me closer and closer to the top. I started to feel it, the twitching in my legs, my spine starting to jelly. I know my moans were getting louder, my breath shorter. I thought my head was going to explode, I was in sensory overload! My whole body began to twitch at intervals followed with the occasional gasp of air. I was so close!
I'm a proud man Doc, but not too proud to admit that I had to tap out. I simply could not last a moment longer. I literally tapped out on the arm of the sofa before I could give up my own load.
With the ladies at our sides we took a few minutes to compose ourselves and recuperate, then excused ourselves from the theater for some more fresh air. After some conversation, Ginger and I thanked T and Nancy and we parted ways for the evening. Upon returning to the theater, Ginger and I just relaxed and chatted with a few of the fellas. Many of which expressed that they've been reading about us on here. I was spent, but Ginger had enough in her to take care of 1 or 2 more of the guys.  We collected ourselves and after a short stop in the booths, and one last BBC through the hole, we were off to the hotel for some much needed rest.
Ginger and I would like to thank Nancy and T for inviting us to share this experience with them. It was amazing, here are some pretty damn good photos for your masturbatory pleasure! I have a feeling we may see these awesome women team up again...We'd like to thank all you guys who came out to experience the Gloryhole Blowout. From inside the booth you were great, you gave the girls just what they wanted.
This was true except for one guy that we'll call "get right".  Maybe it was his first time in a gloryhole, so we'll go easy on ya, but your dick goes in the hole, not your arm.  Unfortunately we had to ask this fella to move along. So to all you guys who stand in line, the Don has a favor to ask... If you notice an obvious noob, kindly give him a quick lesson on the do's and don'ts. We want everyone to be able to have a good time, we don't want to have to ask you to move on.  Pay it forward, and thanks. 
As always, the Staff at the Westwood was very accommodating.  I just can't say enough good things about the people. They really strive to ensure we patrons have a great experience and have everything we need. Thank you!  We also had a nice chat with Jeff, whom I believe is the manager for Westwood. And we talked about many of the things he's working on as he continually updates the place. I won't give anything away, but the new VIP couples section is going to be AWESOME!
Don Vito & Gingersnap
The Gingersnap & Gloryhole Nancy Gallery
(click thumbnails to ENLARGE)

Doc here again... Many, many thanks to Don Vito, Gingersnap, Gloryhole Nancy, and T for their contributions to this awesome scene last Saturday at Toledo's Westwood Theatre. This was clearly one of those "night for the ages" evenings in this thing of ours.  Keep up the great work, and we are looking forward to your next visit to The WW.
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