Couple's Flash Report! Don Vito & Gingersnap @ The Westwood Theatre in Toledo - Part 1: Friday 8/2 (w/16 PICS!)

Doc here...The Doctor Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now, with Part 1 of a tremendous Couple's Flash Report from our good friends Don Vito & Gingersnap.
DV & G spent the weekend in Toledo and it's awesome Westwood Theatre, and from all reports it was a weekend for the ages.
In Part 1 of their 2-part report, Don Vito and Gingersnap tackle Friday night at The Westwood and it was a crazy scene all the way around.
In addition to this great report, are 16 hardcore pics of Gingersnap in action that night (Reminder: Click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE these hi-res pics)!
As my good friend Gemini (in Portland) says, "This is a two cans of Fresca report."  I encourage you to fasten your seatbelts for what you are about to read and see.
Here we go!
Good evening Doc,
Vito here, just in from the long drive back from Toledo and the Westwood Theatre.
Due to the amount of exciting action this weekend, I’ll be sending you 2, yes 2 reports! Expect the second report no later than Tuesday and some well deserved commentary on the Westwood as well.
The Westwood Theatre
Toledo, OH
Gingersnap and I arrived at the Westwood just after 10pm on Friday.  It was a long drive in as I left almost straight from work and it’s nearly a 4 hour drive to the Westwood for me.
Upon arriving we were greeted by the staff and spent a few minutes chatting with Brian and Marcus (Security for Westwood, more on him to come). Marcus informed us that there were many people there to see Ginger, including one couple that drove in from Ontario specifically to meet us.  We entered the theater and took a seat in the front of the couples section and got comfortable. 
Ginger and I spent a little time playing with each other while keeping an eye on the other couples, 7 or 8 of them. There was something in the air on Friday night and it was more than those lovely ladies legs!  After giving a  squirt and fisting show with Ginger,(we find the Westwood men love to watch her squirt)  and thanks to Marcus for assisting with the spotlight, I stepped aside to invite some others to partake in her naughty delights.  I had noticed the other couples heating up and suddenly it was on fire! 
Gingersnap @ The Westwood
Ginger was taking care of man after man, giving prolific amounts of head and even offering up the tail.   There was a couple in the back, a rather leggy slender woman with her Hispanic counterpart that had been playing, they invited in one of the single guys and she took him on with gusto.
A couple to far right of us, a blonde with rather large breasts, was having the time of their lives; her man was driving her from behind while she was sucking the men on her side of the corral. Suddenly the lady of the couple behind us really gets loud as she achieves the first of many orgasms that evening, (this turns out to be the couple from Ontario.)  I had to keep most of my attention directed at Ginger to keep her well supplied with cock and to keep the spotlight provided by Security on her action.  
Friday saw a number of "firsts" at the Westwood.  I recall as I'm standing at the head of Ginger's line of men, a younger looking guy, I'd say between 22 and 24 looking on in awe at the smorgasbord of action unveiling before his eyes. He looked at me and said: "Is this really happening?"   I assured him that yes, it's really happening.  It turns out this was his first theater experience, and on that note I "made him an offer he couldn't refuse ". He pulled his cock out, almost in disbelief and she proceeded to blow him.  She offered him a spot on the couch next to her and she was back on his cock. The young guy had wanted to feed her pussy too but didn't make it through a minute of her incredible oral skills before Ginger took his theater "V-card". 
 It was about that time that the couple from Ontario, stepped forward and asked if his lovely wife, might give the ole' "Don" some head. (This was her first time with another man) She was a real treat Doc, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with that wonderful lady. She was on the couch sucking me with encouragement from her husband while Ginger was  going through the guys right beside her.  As I'm looking to the back of the couples section I see the tall skinny gal and her man are now working into another couple. The new couple appeared to be younger and the gal looked a little nervous and maybe shy.  
Well that didn't last long. Miss tall and slender got her naked and the rest was all "assholes and elbows" as they say; girl on girl and full swap.  It was about this time that "HarleyDom", a friend of ours asked me to work his camera as he escorted his beauty down to the stage for a nice show. She was thin and blonde and HarleyDom had scantily clad in yellow CAUTION tape.  I wasn't exactly comfortable leaving Ginger, but I put my trust in the men of the Westwood and am pleased to tell you that they were gentlemen.  Ginger tells me that they were reluctant to let her service them while I was busy down from assisting the couple.  After some reassuring from Ginger, the guys continued with the fun.  I just want to take a moment here and thank all of them.   I can't express enough how pleased I was to hear from Ginger about how well behaved and respectful you were while I was otherwise occupied.  Thank you, that shows class!  
Now back to the front stage. HarleyDom, put on an excellent display of Dominance and submission with his beauty. That girl took one hell of a public spanking and was then rewarded with an awesome oral orgasm, which I had the birds eye view of.   Then it was back to the couples section.  
It was around this time that the couples started to take a break. Ginger and I took the opportunity to turn our sofa around and have a nice lengthy chat with the couple from Ontario, Canada.  After 20 or 30 minutes of good conversation about "this thing of ours" we too excused ourselves for a smoke.
Upon returning, things had heated up once more. HarleyDom and his lady were putting on a great show near the back, Miss tall and slender was taking on her man plus 2 more lucky fellas, and the blonde beauty from Ontario was in the midst of another orgasm.  There was such an energy in the air on Friday. It was truly one of the best theater experiences we've ever had.  
Ginger and I nestled a back corner and she began to do her thing once again.  Most of the couples stayed and played until late into the night, till around 2. With the couples dwindling and the pool of men mostly spent, Ginger worked a final few, one particular fellow with a nice frenum piercing stepped up for some action getting heads and tail from Ginger. This was a first for her, he first fremun piercing, turns out it was this guys first time at the Westwood and he seemed proud to tell Ginger that she got his Westwood "v-card".   Fellow correspondent "Mr. Glass" was on hand and in on the action as well.  

Well Doc, that's our take on Friday night. We're hoping more of the couples and singles that were there will also report in as there was so much action that I know I didn't catch it all.  Once again we'd like to that everyone for coming out; the regulars, the couples, first-timers and fans. It's amazing, we actually have fans!  We had yet another incredible evening and that's just Friday!  Look for our report  from Saturday night's Gingersnap and Gloryhole Nancy's  "Gloryhole Blowout" in the next day or 2.   
Just a quick note here at the end...
Ginger does her best to accommodate as many of the guys as she can, even a girl with her skill and stamina can't take them all (though she tries) so if you didn't get in on this thing of ours this time, there's always next time. We're very friendly and approachable so don't be afraid to say hi and interact with either her or I.  As long as we're all respectful, everything is good.

I'm still working on setting up some of our social sites, but in the meantime you can follow us on:
Twitter (@vitoandginger)  (no membership required).  Pics and vids for your viewing pleasure.
Of course you can read about us here on The Good Doctor's blog and If all else fails, just Google "vitoandginger", you'll find us.

Until next time,  
Vito and Ginger 
The Don Vito & Gingersnap Gallery
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Doc here again... I'll give you a moment to compose yourselves. OK? Good.
Many, many thanks to the very hot Gingersnap and her consigliore Don Vito for a crazy hot report from The Westwood Theatre. Keep in mind, this covered Friday night.  On Saturday night they teamed up with the very naughty Gloryhole Nancy and her guy T for even more debauchery. That report will follow shortly...
You are welcome,
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