Couple's Flash Report! Gloryhole Nancy & T @ The Westwood Theatre Saturday 8/3 (w/Gingersnap & Don Vito)

Doc here with a third report about last Saturday night at The Westwood Theatre in Toledo, and the tag team of Gloryhole Nancy and Gingersnap.
I have also included pics from Don Vito's report from yesterday to illustrate this report.
Here we go!
Good Morning Doc,
We're still recovering from this past weekend LOL.  Gingersnap and Nancy were a big hit as they worked the gloryhole together for over an hour straight.  When we arrived we (along with GS and DV) were the center of attention as every guy in the lobby made a quick move to the booth area. 
As we were about to enter a staff member pulled me aside and pointed out the folding chairs he got just for the ladies. He mentioned you had let him know about how the ladies wanted somewhere to sit and he delivered.  He also made us feel very welcome and went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable that night. 
Gingersnap (L) and Gloryhole Nancy (R)
The ladies and Don Vito went into a booth and set up shop while I directed traffic into the adjoining booth. It was an easy job: all the guys were well behaved and let things flow smoothly. I let them know that if they didn't act like kids and stayed in line they would get their cocks sucked like never before lol.  
A lot of the guys were nervous/anxious and that is understandable. I did my best to keep the guys laughing and comfortable, and as guy after guy went in and out it became clear the girls were doing their jobs well.  Not one guy lasted longer than 3 minutes it seemed lol, and with those 2 expert cocksuckers working each cock together I'm not surprised.
I almost felt important that night, like a local hero or something: many guys thanked me for sharing Nancy and just wanted to talk to the "lucky s.o.b." that gets to enjoy Nancy all day and night long! I was surprised with the attention but also flattered. Nancy is indeed a hot and rare young beauty to see on this scene so the compliments were much appreciated.  But in our opinion Gingersnap was the star that night. Her cocksucking is second to none, so much so that when her and Nancy teamed up on my cock later in the theater Nancy let Gingersnap do most of the sucking while she sucked my balls and watched Gingersnaps technique. 
After they drained me they then moved to Don Vito and gave him the double team treatment which he clearly enjoyed.  Nancy and I left soon after as we had an early morning the next day and we knew that Gingersnap and Don Vito were about to entertain the theater full of horny guys. It was a great night Doc and I got to hear some interesting and funny stories from the guys who were lined up. They might have thanked me and treated me like a celebrity but the real stars were the 2 ladies providing the entertainment. A big thanks goes out to Don Vito for taking great pics for your readers to see.  
We did have one idiot who did not seem to understand what was going on. He asked me twice if Nancy was gonna play with guys in the theater and even though I told him no he insisted in telling me his "forte" was fucking and that's what he came for. I explained to him I couldn't care less what the fuck he thought of himself and if he didn't want a bj to get the hell out of line. He apologized, but when he entered the hole he arrogantly told the ladies he "was there for Nancy." Nancy told him to forget it and that she was not interested (note to the boys: Nancy HATES arrogant assholes.)  He them stuck his hand through the hole in an attempt to grab Nancy's triple D's which then prompted Don Vito to tell the idiot in a loud voice to move along. He left the booth quickly, looking like a dog who just got swatted with a newspaper for misbehaving.  A perfect example of what we are NOT looking for. I know the guys email and fake pics he uses, as he has tried to get with us countless times.  Some guys just don't belong in this thing of ours Doc, and this imbecile is a perfect example.

Last but not least I cannot say enough about the staff that evening. The blonde gentleman working security was beyond what anyone could ask for: polite, friendly, accommodating, and above all professional. He alone was a big reason the ladies felt comfortable and had the fun they did and we feel he deserves a big thank you from not only us but all the lucky guys who got drained that night. It's staff like him (and also the hot blonde counter girl lol... Nancy really liked her hehe) that will keep us coming back, so if the WW owners read this please take note your staff are a cut above. 
Take care Doc and I'm sure Don Vito's report with pics will give you a better idea of what went on in the booth that night.  Rumor has it we might see you this Saturday night at the Party with Cathy Event.
Doc here again... Many thanks as always to T and Gloryhole Nancy for another outstanding Couple's Flash Report.  The air has been electric at The Westwood Theatre as of late, and much of that credit goes to the two lovely ladies in this report: Gingersnap and Gloryhole Nancy. If you were lucky enough to be there Saturday, you know why.
Lastly, to the douche bag who felt entitled this past Saturday night to have it "his way" with Nancy: Please stay home this coming Saturday night for the Party with Cathy Event, and save yourself the embarrassment of being swatted with a newspaper again.  
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