Couple's Flash Report! Hotwife Tara @ Buford Highway Twin Theater in Atlanta (w/PICS)

Doc here with a tremendous Couple's Flash Report from the very naughty Hotwife Tara.
On Saturday 8/17, Tara made an afternoon appearance at the Buford Twin Highway Theater just outside of Atlanta. The Good Doctor had promoted the visit so that Tara would have many options to play with should she so desire.
And play she sure did!
Here is her report, courtesy of her hubby K.
Greetings Doc,
This is Tara's hubby reporting on her recent visit to the Buford Highway Twin Theater in Atlanta. Since we were pressed for time this visit, we almost had to cancel, but since there was a "Upcoming Visit" posted by you, Tara did not want to disappoint any guys that showed up expecting to see her.  As always, Tara dressed in one of her sluttiest outfits. This time, it was a micro tight blue jean mini skirt with a coral top that was very accessible. Along with a pair of very high heels. 
We got to the theater about 4:30 in the afternoon and made our way to the theater. Entering and letting our eyes adjust a minute in the back of the theater. Tara immediately caused a stir with the way she was dressed. After a couple of minutes, she decided to walk down to the front of the theater by herself so the guys could get a good look at her as she defined the term "HOTWIFE" in her walk. She had planed on coming back to me, however as she started her walk down. A parade of guys followed her to the front.
The Real
Hotwife Tara
When she turned around, she was already in the middle of a swarm of guys. Being the every polite s southern belle she is, she graciously engaged them in some discussions, and quickly the guys started feeling her up. Being the protective hubby, I made my way down and positioned myself behind her close to the wall of the theater as she was in an larger open area where there were some missing seats. Once she knew I was there, she turned up the teasing and played with one cock after the other for awhile.
The swarm had grown to about 20 men and someone mentioned that they knew who she was from the Doc's website. I asked the guys how many were there because of Doc's flash report, and about 8 or 10 raised their hands. Tara dropped to her knees and continued to play with one cock after the other blowing many of them and allowing all who wanted to rub their cocks on her and feel her up. As a finale, she moved to the front row, took a seat and invited all who wanted to unload their cum on her. The picture taken was sent to us by one of the guys there.
Unfortunately, due to time, we had to leave after about 45 minutes, but Tara has promised a longer stay next time. After leaving the Buford, Tara had to get ready for a gangbang for 4 gentlemen who properly used her at our suite. There are some pictures of that on her blog.

All in all, a fun trip!

Personal note from Tara:
Hey Doc, I wanted to thank you for posting my visit on your site. Many of the guys were there just to see me because of your post. I do love showing off for the guys and plan on many more exciting visits to the Buford, as well as other theaters in the Atlanta area. As a side note, I wanted to also say a special thanks to the little Asian guy who ran to the front to bring back some paper towels and graciously wiped me down after the finale. He didn't speak English but was such a sweet guy.

Till next time guys, keep your cocks hard, I will see you all again soon.... 
Kisses.. Tara


Doc here again... Many thanks to the incredibly hot Tara and her hubby Keith for a terrific report and pics from the Buford Highway Twin Theater!  And to the lucky guys that were there that afternoon, I hope you played a Lottery ticket on the way home, since you already hit the jackpot once that day.

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