Couple's Flash Report! Jean & Scott @ The Westwood Theatre in Toledo (w/3 HOT New Pics) on 8/24

Doc here with our favorite students from Charles Xavier's School for The Gifted, Jean & Scott. Their trip to The Westwood Theatre In Toledo weekend yielded plenty of firsts and a new record for Jean.

Also look for 3 brand new exclusive pics of Jean in action at the gloryhole!

This is a good one folks!

Take it away, Jean & Scott


Hi, Doc!

Jean here, wanted to tell you about our Saturday!

We planned on going to the Pleasure Boutique and then to finally check out the Westwood where we hadn't been since it went private. I was super horny as I read and watched porn all day but hadn't gotten myself or Scott off, so I was ready to play! 

Unfortunately the night got off to a bad start as we got pulled over in Toledo for a Sobriety Checkpoint! I had been drinking but Scott hadn't and he was driving. After that little pseudo-scare, we arrived at the Pleasure Boutique at 9:30, only to find that it was closed and now for lease! Disappointing to say the least but wanted to tell you so that others might know.

Westwood Theatre
Toledo, OH
We then headed to the Westwood Theatre and became members which was a pretty quick and easy process. There was a couple on the couch on the middle of the right side with him eating her out when we walked in, they seemed to be getting a lot of attention! There was also a couple in a middle couch with her giving some head to her man and she invited in another guy as well! We sat back and lightly played. I was really horny so I took my bra off and pulled out my tits for Scott to suck (and to tease the guys a little). I was wearing a little skirt, so I pulled my panties off too for Scott to finger me and I laid back on the couch and let him go down on me for a bit.
I always return favors so I then got on my knees in front of the couch and went to town on Scott's dick for a minute or two until he stopped me because he wanted to go back to the booths. We headed back and a crowd followed! I was a little tipsy so I don't remember details but Scott told me I set a new personal record with getting off 16 guys while we were back there! Also I had a first.
I had been debating taking a dick inside of me for a bit now as I hadn't in a theater besides Scott's. There were a few I was tempted by and I was so horny that while sucking off a bigger than average pretty thick black cock I decided I wanted to try. I passed a condom to him and soon had a wrapped dick sticking back through waiting for me! I was probably more than a little awkward at first with me not having been fucked through a gloryhole before coupled with my having a few drinks, but once it started and I got into a rhythm, I loved it! I let him pound me for a bit while blowing Scott, who came all over my face and down my throat! It's certainly something I might have to try again!
We can be reached at if anyone might want to help with that!

That's about it for our Toledo adventures on Saturday, Doc! In summary, I got a lot of cock, Pleasure Boutique is closed, and I had a first! Sorry we missed you on the 10th!


- Jean and Scott

Doc here again, with many thanks to Jean & Scott for yet another outstanding Couple's Flash Report!  Keep them flying in, guys!

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