Couple's Flash Report: The Lovely Lucy & Oz in Dallas - Lido & Xposed Visits (w/PICS!)

Doc here with the return of two good friends of The Good Doctor: The Lovely Lucy and her guy Oz.
These two crazy kids visited both of Dallas' adult theaters: The Lido and Xposed. I knew they had this trip planned for awhile, and were looking forward to some serious play. How did they do? Did the Lovely Lucy behave?  Well, let's find out, shall we?
Here is the very sexy Lovely Lucy, and her guy Oz with their report.
Hey Doc,
Oz reporting here on mine and Lovely Lucy's recent trip to Dallas. Sorry its been so long since we have submitted a report. Dallas is the closest place for us to visit the theater scene as you know, and it still has to be a weekend trip for us.
This is a two part report as we visited the Lido Theater on Friday night 8/23, and Xposed Adult Theater and Lido on Saturday night 8/24. I'll have to say Doc, Dallas is a great city. There's great food, tons of things to do, and we always love going to Deep Ellum. The theaters don't match up to some of the others reported on here, but that's how it is I guess. Despite a couple of negative reports on the Lido, all and all we like it.
Lido Adult Theater,
Friday 8/23
We arrived there around 10:30 pm Friday night. I knew it would probably be slow, and it was, only about four couples in the theater, no action to speak of going on.
Lucy had talked to a couple we had met there last year, and we planned on meeting on Friday night there. So when they arrived we sat in the theater a few minutes, then went to one of the private rooms. We'll call the other couple A and the female half being M.
M is a small Hispanic woman, with nice C-cup breasts, I'm guessing mid-30's. We started with Lucy and M making out, and then with M giving me head while Lucy gave A head and a great titty-fuck with those nice DD's she has. Well unfortunately, I guess it was too good as he came all over her tits pretty quick, so they moved to the other couch to shall we say regroup.
In the meantime I suited up and bent M over and gave her a good pounding from behind. She was very loud and vocal, and when we finished up, I figured Lucy was still going at it, but unfortunately it didn't happen. We called it a night as it was getting pretty late, and headed back to the room.
Saturday 8/24
We got out a little later Saturday night, as we had spent all day in the heat and were pretty wiped out. It was about 11 pm and we headed out. Lucy looked really sexy, wearing a short black dress, her hair pulled up, and that blue eye shadow that I love.
We headed to Xposed, as we have not been there yet. We arrived, got the layout of the place, paid twenty bucks for our admission, and headed to the theater. They have two theaters like the Lido, one straight - one gay, and about five private rooms before the theater. It's a really nice setup in the theater, they have a bar area with mixers as you can bring in your own alcohol, they also have food up there, although I think I'll pass on that LOL.
Dallas, TX
There were only about four couples in there, including us, and two or three guys. There wasn't much going on, then the movie went out for like thirty minutes, and at that point we decided to leave. They have a really nice setup here Doc, but I think they need some better people working in there to make this place successful.
So we headed around the corner to the Lido, as they are very close in distance. We arrived there a little after midnight, and the parking lot was completely full. I had to drive around back and finally found a place to park. We went in and paid our $18 admission to theater and went upstairs. We walked past the private rooms to the theater which was packed. We sat down for a while and talked to a few couples that had also left Xposed.
We counted 27 couples in the theater, but it was a strange vibe, nobody really playing at all. There was a couple that sat next to us and we talked for a few minutes before she started giving him head. They were wanting to hook up with us but Lucy wasn't really interested. Like you have said many times Doc, guys you need to have good hygiene and grooming. No ladies like a lot of hair down there.
The Real Lovely Lucy
So we got up checked out the halls for a bit, there was one young black couple that was really attractive, she was smoking hot, but I think she was a little freaked out as it was her first time there (as she told Lucy).
So we headed out a little bit later, kind of a bummer but that's how it goes sometimes. I wish they had some gloryholes there, as Lucy would really like to try one out. She likes to find nice clean big cocks to drain.
So that's about it for now. We hope we can get up there to the Westwood Theatre one of these days. Sounds like a great place. We enclosed a few pics of Lucy and me and some of the outside of Xposed for your database.
Take care Doc,
Oz and Lucy
Doc here again... Many thanks to the Lovely Lucy and her guy Oz for a great Couple's Flash Report.  It's great to get an update from you, and we are looking forward to your next adventures in this thing of ours.
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