Couple's Flash Report! A Preview From Gloryhole Nancy and T on 8/3/13 @ The Westwood Theatre in Toledo

Doc here with a preview of their full report from my good friends, Gloryhole Nancy and her guy T.
Saturday night at The Westwood Theatre in Toledo was one for the ages, and here is a peak at the scene there from their perspective.
Hi there Doc,
Just wanted to let you know Saturday night turned out exactly as we hoped: Gingersnap and Nancy got comfortable in front of the gloryhole and double-sucked every cock that came through. I'll send a full report as soon I get settled back home, as I was the host who made sure the line flowed smoothly and the guys knew the rules.
Even though I was outside the booth I can only imagine the view Don Vito had! He took some good pics so I'm looking forward to their report. Take care Doc and the report is soon to follow....

T & N

P.S.  I also want to make sure everyone knows last night couldn't have happened without the awesome staff working at The Westwood.  The gentleman in charge not only was beyond professional, he made the ladies feel at home and made sure every possible need we had was taken care of. I'll go into more detail later but I just want other couples to know that the staff there know what they are doing and are the reason Nancy and I will be back again and again.


Doc here again... As soon as the new Gloryhole Nancy report comes in, you'll find it right here at The Journal.

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