Couple's Flash Report! Silk & Tony's First Night @ The Art Cinema in Hartford (w/4 Exclusive PICS!)

Doc here, a man who has posed for three oil paintings while seated on a horse, with the first pics and report from Silk & Tony's awesome Art Cinema adventure.

The gallery of pics below are from LAST NIGHT, and just the tip of the iceburg folks.

The report is from Silk & Tony from Toronto themselves, as they ready themselves for night 2 at The Art Cinema in Hartford.

A show of hands... Who would have given up their first born to be at The Art Cinema last night?

Thought so...

Here are the pics and report...


Night one was a success, Doc, and we received a very warm welcome from Ernie (owner of The Art Cinema). He was very accommodating and helpful and spoke only the best about you.

The crowd seemed very appreciative and took no time in joining in the fun as Silk emerged looking to be satisfied by lots of cock and cum. Tony took his photographer job seriously and collected a number of shots...until, once again, he was needed for other activities :) 


Silk's First Night @ The Art Cinema
(Click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE - You will want to!)


Doc here again...As for Round 2 tonight:

My very good friends Silk & Tony will be traveling back down to The Art Cinema (255 Franklin Avenue, Hartford) TONIGHT Saturday August 31st.  Time of arrival will be between 7:30 & 8PM.

I am looking for reports on their visit, and need my Hartford based reporters to step up. Submit your reports to me at , and if you are a first-timer, please send me your pen name as well.

Have fun, and tell them The Good Doctor sent you! 

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