Flash Report! Beard of Power Gets Black & Blue at the Fulton Avenue Theater in Evansville, IN

Doc here with a terrific first time report from the Beard of Power.  he visited Evanville, Indiana's Fulton Avenue Books and Theater, and has filed the following detail-filled report.

Take it away, BOP!


Hey Doc,

Beard of Power here with a quick report on a visit to Fulton Ave Books and Theater in Evansville, IN.

I decided since I had no plans for my Saturday night I would give the lounge at the Fulton Avenue Books and Theater a shot. I've had mixed luck with this location on past visits so I wasn't expecting much.

I go in and pay my money for the combo deal ($10 for lounge and $3 worth of tokens for the booths) and as with my usual visits I checked for couples in the lounge and sure enough we had two couples. The couples were a large white woman (we will call her white) with a black man and a thick white woman (we will call her blue) with a white man, both were giving their men blowjobs while most of the other guys were sitting back and stroking, the only one who wasn't was a regular visitor who was busy fingering blue's pussy.

After a few minutes of watching white and blue suck their men another couple came in, this couple was an older (probably late 40s or early 50s) white couple and we will call her black. They sat in the corner and it wasn't long before black's man was reaching down between her legs making it difficult to decide who I wanted to watch then black asked blue's man if she could help blue out. I took this moment while black and blue where positioning themselves to ask blue's man if it was ok to touch her and when I recieved the ok I began playing with blue's very firm breasts while she and black joined forces to give blue's man a double blowjob.

Fulton Avenue Books & Theater
Evansville, IN
A few moments later black's man walks around and blue sits up to suck his cock while black continued with blue's man. The two of them eventually ended up side by side on the couch while black's man began to fuck blue and black began sucking everyone who lined up. The first guy in line took his turn and was having to grab the back of the couch to keep from falling over as black finished him off and swallowed his load, my turn was next and all I could say is "wow"! I am sure I went cross-eyed at some point because black was talented, I unloaded in her mouth and she made sure to get every drop before she stopped and let the next guy take his turn.

As I was recovering from the amazing blowjob I noticed white was now getting her tits and pussy played with by some of the other guys though I don't believe she did much more than that with anyone but her man. Black kept requesting that someone fuck her and a couple guys tried but no luck, meanwhile black's man was still fucking blue and blue was moaning and clearly enjoying it. I was ready for a second go and was going to see how blue compared to black but white's man beat me to the position and she sucked him to completion.

After she got herself a drink she began sucking her own man while black's man went back to fucking her until he came inside her. A couple minutes later black sits on the floor and begins eating blue out. White and her man at this point were ready to go and said their farewells and headed out. I sat next to blue's guy and watched her work and played with her tits, I am not sure if he finished in her mouth or not but they said they were going out for some air and left.

Black and her man sat on one of the couches and one of the other guys was there too, they fingered her pussy and played with her tits until she came then black got dressed and they left as well. I stuck around for a while to see if blue would return or any new couples would arrive but none did by the time I left. I sure hope I run into black and blue again on a future visit.


Doc here again... Many thanks to the Beard of Power for a terrific first time report!  Keep up the great work, sir.

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