Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi Has Risen Once Again - Biloxi Report For 8/3/13

Doc here with a question:  Has Hell frozen over?
Appearing in The Good Doctor's e-mail box on Sunday was a report from good (and feared long lost friend), Bob in Biloxi.
He's back ladies and gentlemen, and his report  is terrific, capturing Saturday night at Biloxi's adult theater and ABS down the street
Greetings and accolades from the beautiful Gulf Coast my  Good Doctor. I may have finally pulled that arrow out of my ass, as I made a trip to both the theater and the ABS this Saturday.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
Arriving around 7pm I caught the tail end of what appeared to be a mentally deficient lady taking on nothing but confused guys. I hope her insurance rider covers whatever she left with, there was no conversation (at all) just fucking and sucking of that species. 
Around 8pm I left and went down to the ABS, one couple was sitting in the parking lot, they are regulars and they tag team the gloryhole. Not my bag, so I waited outside in the HD, until I got a call a little after 9pm that a couple had entered the theater. By the time I got there (2 minutes), this blonde BBW was on one of the couches facing the backrest up on her knees, she was sucking one cock while getting drilled from behind. She took on about five guys and thankfully was very vocal.

While she was getting her dose of cock, a very pretty brunette dressed to play walked in with her man. They sat directly across the aisle from the BBW and just watched. I was going to sit next to them and try and start something, however a very confused guy beat me to it. She wisely ignored him, they only stayed a short while and left, I really hope they return, she was built like the proverbial brick shit house.
Bob in Biloxi
Earlier while at the ABS I noticed a car that backed in on the side parking lot, I’m pretty sure that was the smoking hot brunette maybe that was their first time? Several confused began to park next to them, so after a few minutes they left. Got my fingers crossed Doc !
After the couples left the theater, things settled down for about 30 minutes and in walks another couple, this one was also a known bait and switch team. They will lure some guy back to their hotel or convince him to attend the gloryhole and he will do the sucking while she watches. I don’t think they found a partner that night, but as soon as one of my scouts told me that, I left and went back down to the ABS. While there a very nice dually pulled up with a smoking hot redhead, I think he may have been trying to convince her to go in, but after sitting there for 20 minutes, they left. Missed opportunity for this reporter, but as we all know, that’s now the cookie crumbles sometimes.
Very late (for the coast anyway) one sassy little brunette with a pixie cut, dressed in up your ass tight shorts showed up, they went inside the theater then immediately came back out. Not sure if she simply didn’t dig the scene, or sized up the room that quick. But as they were leaving another couple came in and they started up a conversation that flowed out into the parking lot. Not sure if they hooked up or not, either way this reporter wasn’t getting his cock wet, so back to the ABS.
Things shut down here at midnight, so if you’re not deep inside a pussy or warm mouth by then, you are shit out of luck when that clock strikes the magic hour. This reporter was shit out of luck, so with a dry cock and two hours to get to a bed, I left. Several anxious moments Doctor, but no dice for your senior reporter this night.



Doc here again... We welcome you back, sir. Your money is still good here.

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