Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi Strikes Back On The Beautiful Gulf Coast on 8/10/13

Doc here with our old friend, recently liberated, and excellent driver, Bob in Biloxi. Bob is back in the reporting saddle after getting shot with an arrow in the cheeks some time ago.
It's good to have you back, sir, and order has been restored to this thing of ours.
In this report, Bob shuttles between the Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi, and the ABS down the street.  Looking at Bob's stats through the last 4 years, the ABS yields Bob more fun.  But is it true this time?
Here are the song styling's of Bob in Biloxi, and his report from this past Saturday night.
Hi Doc,
Well the arrow is definitely out. I made the trip to the old hunting grounds Saturday night. Our beautiful gulf coast is such an unusual place in that it is a tourist destination, so we tend to get a variety of different couples (women) looking to play in “this thing of ours”.
Unlike last weekend, the herd (confused guys, newbies, clueless and trash) thinned somewhat, this past weekend. One confused guy however did manage to run off a couple at the ABS. He had been banned from the theater a long time, but I guess sufficient crying/pleading with management there allowed him to return. It was lucky for the couples than did attend, he was at the ABS when most of them were there. But enough politics, on with the report:
Bob in Biloxi
I arrived at 8pm (just as dark arrived) and missed what was reported as a drop dead gorgeous brunette at the glory hole. She supposedly stayed for over 30mins. About 9pm one couple showed at the theater - she’s somewhat shy but gets going with only her few select people. She did play with her group of guys,  however. Later another couple showed, but there were only six seats in the theater left (it was packed) and they left. About an hour later the herd had thinned somewhat and two more couples came in... one was sitting in the front alone the other made a bee line for the corner of the theater and sat away of every one else. Not much happening so I went back to the ABS.
While there, one smoking hot blonde showed, wearing sweatpants and a top. She and her man were looking at the toys, & then came into the back. It seemed they were looking for something but I never did find out what, as they went into a non play booth by themselves. While the crowd was around their booth, another couple came in and started looking for an empty one, it seemed every one they picked, the other side was occupied by either a happy fellow or a cock blocker, maybe even one in the same. I remembered in situations like this its best just to pick a booth and hope you get lucky that they pick the one next to you.
I got lucky. She was a thin blonde wearing jeans and just sat down when her man started undressing her. I slid my cock next to the hole and her tiny hand reached through and started stroking me. She then began to pull my cock into the hole and very gently started sucking my poor soldier. She was taking her time and I noticed flashes from a camera going off inside their booth! She must have sucked my cock non-stop for 20mins before I unloaded a ton of healthy cream down her throat! After my knees stopped shaking I bent down to say thank you, she replied “you’re quite welcome” and I left. I don’t know how many she brought to their knees, but they were lucky to receive her talent.
Meanwhile down at the theater the crowd had increased, but the female count had not. It was getting late and I headed home. Not a blow up night, but as I said in the beginning, you have busy nights, duds and average nights. I think I put this one in an average category.
Doc here again... Many thanks and once again welcome back Bob. I am sure your legions of fans are glad to see you back, and well as your old friend in the white suit and aviators.
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