Flash Report! The Editor Hits 15th Avenue Adult Theater In Chicago For A 3-Day Series Of Visits

Doc here with a nice 3-day capsule of reports from senior reporter The Editor
His theater of choice was 15th Avenue Adult Theater and Spa in Chicago's western burbs.
Take it away, sir.

Here is a report on 15th Ave ABS from a few weeks ago.  Your readers should know that I had been to 15th several weeks prior to this visit on a Saturday and there was absolutely nothing happening in either the afternoon or evening. The only couple to appear arrived at about 11:30PM.  So there are clearly periods of drought in this thing of ours.

I had some business in Chicago and arranged to stay a few extra days and hoped to have some fun.
15th Ave Adult Theater & Spa
Melrose Park, IL
Thursday Evening
Couple 1 were black 30's.  She really enjoyed playing with cocks and sucking them. In the spa amphitheater, she had a nice group of guys offering her some meat.  I don't think anyone got off, as she took turns sampling all of those presented. Later, she repeated that in the theater. She never did strip but she did have a great body. It was all about what she wanted, which coincidentally, is what several of the audience wanted.

 A 40's slim blond, engaged in minor theater play with her hubby. Then a swm she recognized got her going. She pulled off her shirt and was wearing a designer swimsuit with very little material and gold clasps. The crowd descended on her after her man stepped aside. She encouraged the men to cum on her small tits and loved it when they did. After a short break to regroup, they went Behind The Screen Door (BTSD). She sucked off a few and the dozen or so men gave her a nice sheen.

A couple, her a BBW, went into the spa steam room, where she laid out on a towel. He went to the private room and returned with a blindfold for her. He put it on her and he immediately got a boner. At his invitation, a few guys stepped forward and began to rub her. She helped them out. A few select men accompanied them to a private room.

The highlight was a mixed couple. He was black and she was white, 30's, both tall and in good shape.  They sat in the couples section and started to play.  She sucked him off and that was an amazing show! She didn't just move her head up and down rigidly. She moved like a swan or a dancer and put her entire body into it. She knelt on the seat in her skirt and slowly sucked off her hubby. His facial expression told the story. The Penis Gallery was pressing in, all jealous of him and the attention she was giving him.  He pulled her boob out and she pretended to be shy, then she got out the other one! There were several other couples there, some of whom showed some interest, but nothing developed. This couple retired to the steam room where she continued to give him the slow treatment, then he would finger her. At his direction, she stood up and all of the men felt her smooth skin and rubbed on her.  No one got to go any further, but she was appreciated.

Saturday was good!
Daytime and afternoon activity, although sparse, was pretty good. This requires a lot of patience and may or may not pay off.

About 7PM, couples started to arrive. The couples section was full, but nothing was going on.  Then an older couple arrived and had to sit towards the front on the right. One of the PG knew them and sat next to her. In a matter of minutes, things were happening. They shortly moved BTSD and the small room quickly filled. Several of the other couples came in to see what was going on and by 9PM, sporadic bursts of activity were repeated in the little room.

Private Rooms
15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa
Activity in the spa was also good.  After some teasing, a 30's BBW went into the steam room with her hubby. She lay on the first step and he told the gallery they could play with her and cum on her tits. She got to make the day of many. 

A 20's couple with a very small girl had a private room and as they moved about, a few guys were always hot on their trail. One was Mitch McDeere in his orange shoes.  He got invited into their private room and thought it was because of his physical attributes. He didn't hear her say to hubby, “I want to see what kind of balls he has to wear those florescent orange shoes!”

There were a couple of single girls who arrived late in the evening. One was a very outgoing curvy blonde. She played in the room behind the screen door. It was her tall thin friend that was intriguing. She was being pursued by a large black man who was pulling off her clothes, exposing her pretty white undies and slim figure.   Perhaps someday, on a  return trip, our paths will cross.

There were many other couples who contributed to the amazing atmosphere. My apologies, but these reports can only address a few. My thanks to all, particularly reporter Alexander the Great who contributed some good background.

The Editor
Doc here again... Many thanks to The Editor for another fine job, covering this thing of ours from the front lines.
Note: The two single women who visited Saturday night were my friends Farrah and Jacklyn, part of Charlie's Angels that I featured last Tuesday on The Journal.  These two ladies are terrific, and if you are lucky enough to encounter them sometime, go play a Lottery Ticket on the way home. Your luck is going strong.
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