Flash Report! Gloryhole Nancy's Latest Adventure and Her Upcoming Visit To The Westwood Theatre (w/14 PICS)

Doc here with an amazing Gloryhole Nancy Flash Report! Not only do you get an amazing report and some incredible pics, you also get her plans for the next two weeks in this thing of ours @ The Westwood Theatre in Toledo.  A hint for you: It's BIG!
Take it away Nancy & T!
Hello again dear Doctor,
We just wanted to send you the rest of the pics and fill you in on our latest adventure.  We planned on visiting the theater for a change at The Westwood but at the last minute Nancy told me she wanted some gloryhole cock instead.  We both like the theater and the staff there have done a great job with the couches in the couples area, but instead of  putting on a show for the crowd she wanted to suck some strange cock lol. 
The Booth Area of
The Westwood Theatre
We saw a familiar face back in the booth area, a cool guy Nancy has sucked/fucked before so he immediately grabbed the booth next to us.  Nancy dropped to her knees and gave his bbc the sucking of a lifetime, complete with a loud groan and cumshot all over. Nancy was feeling horny as hell by now so we invited him over to our booth to take turns with me pounding Nancy doggystyle.
When we opened the booth and all he saw was Nancy's round ass bent over and skimpy thong inviting him, he almost fainted lol. He and I then proceeded to fuck Nancy hard and deep, going back and forth for about 30 minutes until she told me I was wearing her pussy out.
Our friend came twice in that time and looked completely drained when he left.  Another guy was watching over our shoulders from the doorway but unfortunately he didn't measure up for Nancy but he got a hell of a show!  Now if we could only find more big cocks for her....

We'll probably see you on 8/10 at The Westwood Doc, as I just spoke with Cathy (from CathysCraving.com ) and Nancy and I are planning on meeting her that night.  The thought of those 2 expert cock-drainers has me excited as hell, I can only imagine what they might get into:)  It is Cathy's night and we intend to stay out of her way, but if there are any hung (8"+) guys who want Nancy to drain them through the hole that night please send a measured cock pic, stats, and general location so we can set something up to nwonancy@yahoo.com .

Nancy and Gingersnap will be working the gloryhole together at The Westwood on 8/3 and they are currently looking for CLEAN and hung cocks to suck off together. We learned the fun way that they make a great cock sucking duo so if any hung guys want to feel 2 talented cocksuckers at the same time please send their info to the same email address mentioned above.  Its not often hot girls such as these in this thing of ours get together and we think these 2 weekends could provide enough stories and footage to be enjoyed for a long time. 
Talk to you soon Doc, please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions!
T & N

The Latest Gloryhole Nancy Gallery (from the event above)
Click the Thumbnails to ENLARGE the Pics



Doc here again... Many thanks to Nancy and T for a great report on their latest adventure at Toledo's terrific Westwood Theatre. And for those of you attending the Nancy/Gingersnap visit on the 3rd, fasten your seatbelts for these two hotties!

And speaking of future visits, the Party with Cathy Event on August 10th is shaping up to be one for the ages.  Imagine Cathy AND Gloryhole Nancy in the same place at the same time!  The universe may just implode, and The Good Doctor will be there to capture all the details!

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