Flash Report! Last Night (8/2/13) @ The Westwood Theatre in Toledo by Mr. Glass

Doc here with a literary classic the likes of which you probably didn't read in English 101: "A Take of Two Cities", as read by senior Journal scribe Mr. Glass.
Two cities. Two adult theaters. Two very different vibes. And another reason The Westwood Theatre in Toledo is  one of the premier adult theaters in the entire country.  If you are invested in this thing of ours, you need to make the pilgrimage to Toledo at The Westwood Theatre.
Here we go...
A Tale of Two Cities
By Mr. Glass Dickens
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  But lets not tell about the good right away….
I found myself with the opportunity to visit Lido Theater in Dallas this week.  It is not my first dance at this theater, and I am sad to say, most of my visits end up like this one. 
First off….  The upstairs theater is a room, about 40’x30’, give or take.  I did not have a tape measure on me and measuring with my 6” tool would take much too long.  Leading up to the door to the theater is a long hallway lined with viewing ROOMS, not booths.  This is where most of the action takes place (in the rooms), and for good reason.  I have to give this theater a D.  You could say D is a barely passing grade for those who did not excel in school, or you may say it stands for disappointing, both would be accurate in this case. 
The male patrons here are the biggest issue at The Lido, following by management not giving a shit.  I found myself there on a Thursday night.  There were 3-4 couples, all of which did NOTHING in the theater, they all made their way to the private rooms, some allowed one or two others in with them.  But why the private viewing rooms?  The male patrons here are like vultures, they swoop in at any sight of a body with a pussy, crowding around them as if there were bees around a queen, Doc, I cannot describe how bad it is.  These actions have that negative effect on couples and that is why they scamper to safer places. 
At one point I actually heard an employee sitting at the end of the hall talking to another guy stating he would feel sorry for any girls/couples who were to show up at this time.  News flash guy….  You should be doing something to help with that situation.  I cannot recommend Lido due to this.  It is possible on couples night it is much better, but of course you need to have a gal with you, that or pay about $120 for a VIP pass.  Otherwise you are not allowed upstairs and end up in a downstairs theater with a bunch of other guys.

The Westwood Theatre
Toledo, OH
Now for the best of times….  The Westwood  Theatre in Toledo out did itself again.  Friday 8-2.  Starting at 10pm.  Doc, I kid you not, it was off the hook.  I could type until the sun rose and still not tell you about all the happenings of the night.  As a result this report, while it will have some detail is more of a high over view, I simply cannot report on all the couples from this night. 
At one point there were 9, yes, 9 couples in the couples section with so much action going on you did not know where to look.  Of course one of the ladies was Gingersnap with her man Vito, I however concentrated on a few others early in the evening.  There was one couple where the female was a skinny blonde, guessing late 30s.  He had her strip down, wrapped yellow caution tape on her, then walked her to the stage where he had Vito take many pictures of her.  He also did some mild dom on her up there and also had her give him a BJ on stage.  They later retired to the couple section where there was more BJ action and lots of fucking.  They also came back later in the night for an encore as well. 
There was also another very attractive couple (late 20s early 30s) around 11ish, they had all sorts of fun in the front row of the section.  No interaction, but one hell of show.  Then there was what I will call Mary, why?  Long legs, thin, nice B to C cup tits probably 30….  There was just Something About Mary on this night!  She and her man, heavier set Hispanic looking guy, were in the couples section for a good hour, taking in the others, even fucking on one of the sex chairs at one point. 
She was dressed for the part, one piece brown small skirt thing.  When she bent over you were able to see she forgot to grab her underwear on the way out of the house.  At one point she approached another couple while the female half was riding her guy on the sex chair, took her very long legs, stepped over the guys face and sat right down, talk about a lucky BF or husband, wife riding him and Mary jumping on his face.  Doc, this girl was HOT, a true rare find in an adult theater. 
After an hour they disappeared, only to re-appear around midnight with two other guys they must have rounded up in the booth area.  Let the show begin!  I think she may have been a size queen as these two guys were carrying weapons of mass destruction in their pants.  She sucked and fucked them both, all the time her man giving her encouragement.  At first she was having a hard time with the WMD’s, but by the end she was taking everything they could dish out.  This went on for almost an entire hour.  During which time other couples came and went, played and watched, it was an amazing night…… 
But wait, am I missing something?  Oh yea, while all this was going on there was Gingersnap and Vito!  They were doing their thing in the front far row of the section for quite a while.  I did not give much attention at the time as I had a good feeling she was going no where.  After things slowed down around 1am and she came back in from a smoke break it was on.  She began by getting fisted by Vito. 

After which a line of guys, including yours truly began to get BJ’s and some even fucked her.  Let me tell you, she is great at sucking cock, although she did let a little bit of my juices drip out, to which Vito said she usually does not do that…  Hell, I certainly did not mind. 
I then decided it was time to head home, was probably 2am at that time and she still had a line of guys, fans, patrons, stunt cocks, whatever you would like to call them.  I would certainly think you will see some pics of her very soon, as Vito had the camera in motion.
One other thing….  The staff of the WW.  Security in and out all night making sure everyone was safe, even clean.  Handing out wipes and paper towels.  They also supplied flash lights to couples who wanted to “brighten” up the action.
This is why the Westwood is the best of times and why the Lido is, well, in this case, the worst of times.  Rumor is Vito and Gingersnap will be back Saturday night and that GH Nancy may also make an appearance.  I will likely not be in attendance.  My next target date will be the Cathy event next Saturday at 8pm at The Westwood.
Mr. Glass Dickens


Doc here again... Many thanks to Mr. Glass on yet another top shelf report.

I couldn't agree with Mr. Glass more on why The Westwood Theatre is such a couple's draw, and why The Lido is a damp towel on the couple's adult theater scene. Spot on, sir.

Tonight (Saturday 8/3), with both Gingersnap and the lovely (and naughty) Gloryhole Nancy in the house at The Westwood, you will be in for a treat. I would like to get multiple reports on the weekend action at The Westwood if possible.  Please send them to me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. First time reporters, please include a pen name, and please, do not type your reports on your smart phone! Wait until you get in front of your laptop and can write it the right way.

And as for next Saturday night at The Westwood... I guarantee that you will witness a scene like you've never seen before with the "Party with Cathy" event.

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