Flash Report! Neo Toledo on The Westwood Theatre on Saturday 8/3/13

Doc here with an outstanding first time Flash Report from new contributor, Neo Toledo. I for one was happy he plugged in and dropped into Toledo's Westwood Theatre, all the while evading Agent Smith.

Here we go...


Hello Good Doctor and all that follow your blog,

I’m relatively new to “this thing of ours”.  I became a fan of Naughty Alysha years ago, but it took Gloryhole Nancy to bring me to The Good Doctor’s blog and the Westwood Theater. I’ve been to the Westwood twice. The first time was a couple’s event and everyone was too new, enough said.

This time around I answered the call of the wild, with the wild being Gloryhole Nancy and Gingersnap. A meeting of two such as these two gals at one of the main shrines to this “thing of ours”  was not a night to pass up. I made an intense effort to make sure I was there. It definitely was worth it.

When I arrived the two vixens were in the arcade. I made a quick tour of the theater to see what was going on there. Nothing was going on but there was potential in the air. There were three couples in the theater. An early forties couple with a slender brunette in one back corner, another forty something couple with a short blondish gal in the other back corner and an early forties couple a bit in front of the blondish gal. All of these women were attractive and I took a special liking to the slender brunette. … I went back to the arcade to see what was going on with the main attractions of the night.

I found “T” in the hallway, he was monitoring traffic. Don Vito was in the booth with Ginger and Nancy. As I waited my turn in the booth (the one next to D,G&N) … I had a good chat with T. This guy is very nice, mellow and willing to share info. It was a pleasure T!

When I got my turn in the booth (my first time doing this) my love tool was a bit shy. I bent down and looked through the hole and said “hi”. Then put my guy through. One of the gals got to work and it felt great. After a bit, I noticed a change in technique. I believe they switched who was pleasuring me. Who ever was doing the new technique continued till I “finished”. I thanked the gals and made room for the next fella. … The girls had gloryhole fun for about an hour then took a cig break. Word was that Nancy might come into the theater but only to watch.

After their break, Don, Ginger, T & Nancy came into the theater. They went into the couple’s section and moved a couch so that it was facing another couch. Each girl began giving head to her respective guy as we the audience gathered to watch. For some odd reason, I was able to have a good viewing spot throughout the night. … After a bit they changed it up by both girls doing a double head job on one of the their men. T was first to get both Ginger and Nancy working his stuff with their mouths. When T was happy they moved to the other couch and worked on Don Vito.
Their activity inspired one of the other couples to start playing. Some of the audience moved to the other side to watch them. It was the early forty something couple with the small cute blond gal. Looked like she was giving him head for quite a while. The other two couples simply sat, watched the movie and glanced at Nancy and Ginger from time to time.

Gloryhole Nancy
Their men satisfied, Nancy and Ginger took another cig break. As those two couples were outside, the audience shifted their attention to the couple playing on the other side. He was slurping away at her pussy and she was enjoying it. And no wonder, he ate and ate and ate. From there they went into a 69. That lasted a while too. This guy had a marathon tongue. He took her missionary on the couch. When he finished they got dressed and went for their own break outside.

Shortly after they left, Ginger and Don Vito returned. A cute older BBW had come in with two men and set up on the couch that Nancy and T had been on. Ginger and Don took the couch that the couple with the blond had just vacated. … This is where the show got big and became interactive.

Must be something about this couch because Don went to eating Ginger. Much like the previous gentleman, he ate and ate. When he came up for air one of the staff asked Ginger if she was going to squirt for him. She said yes and Don went to work, doing some “slight of hand” magic. In other words, he made his fingers disappear in her love tunnel and after a bit his whole hand disappeared. It’s a magic act that I’m very fond of. …

She hit a point of being satisfied and wanted a break from the fisting. Don continued to play with her pussy in a softer fashion as she began to take a dick in her mouth from one of the men nearby. She repeated this generous act to the pleasure of several men. I didn’t quite hear the conversation that lead to this but she decided it was time for someone to fuck her. The fella that was getting head from her was eager to oblige and no one else was calling for consideration. He got to work, fucking her doggy on the couch. Her face was half buried into the back of the couch. Her moans were muffled but we all could tell she was having a good time. The fella would spank her from time to time and in the first few swats she would say he could do it harder.

After the fella came (caught by a condom) Don started working Ginger’s ass to open her up. He offered for someone to fuck her ass. To his and my amazement, no one jumped in to do so. Well almost no one. As the rest of the crowd stood silent, I made my way around the railing and stood in front of Ginger as Don continued to finger her ass. I got out a condom and asked Ginger to suck me a bit. I wanted to be good and hard for her.

I got around behind her and hit a huge bought of stage fright. What can I say, it was my first time fucking in a theater full of men I don’t know. For some reason it struck me differently than the gangbangs I’ve been in. … I apologized to Ginger and Don. Don was very cool about it. As I made my way around the couch, I decided to give Ginger a swat or two. She liked it so much that I kept it up and began to finger her ass. It became a nice little session of me slapping her ass hard, fingering her ass, Don putting most or all of his hand in her pussy and Ginger fingering her clit. Very hot! After that, I thanked her and she thanked me and not long after that she took another cig break.

The older cute blond BBW played some. She mostly was giving head to a couple of men. I think mostly to guys she knew. She was lovely to watch because she enjoy it so much. The couple with the slender brunette played a bit but it was soft foreplay type of stuff. The other couple in back just cuddled.

The audience was polite and there were usually about 18 guys watching at any given time. I was surprised there wasn’t more participation from the men. But given that Ginger had lots of action on Friday, it was a blessing.



Doc here again... Many thanks to Neo Toledo and a terrific first time report!  Keep up the great work, and we are looking forward to your next adventure in this thing of ours.

I am looking for more reports from Toledo and this great weekend that is now in the history books. E-mail your reports direct to me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com .

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