Flash Report! Silk & Tony @ The Art Cinema in Hartford - Report 1 by H-Man

Doc here with the first Flash Report from Silk & Tony's visit to Hartford's awesome Art Cinema , by first time contributor H-Man.
The Good Doctor started getting text messages within 30 minutes of their arrival at The Art Cinema. The phrase "Oh My God" was used multiple times, my friends.
I told you so... Silk is a force of nature, and Hartford, she is not done with you yet. Tonight is Round 2, and Tony, Silk, and myself are counting on you to show her the "Art Cinema Way."  I am looking for multiple reports, so to my reporting crew in Hartford (Incognito, Calico Jack, Chauncey Gardiner, CTFireGuy, Tomkat, and countless others) it's time to STEP UP!
Now onto this terrific first time report from H-Man... This report was sitting in my in-box first thing this morning...That's the way it is done, folks.  Quick, precise, and with an opinion.
Here we go...
Good Doctor…you do not lie. 
Silk is much prettier and sexier in person than in the posted pictures.  She is absolutely beautiful, sexy and accommodating.  She has a personality to match as well.  She wears the sexiest of clothes that leaves little to the imagination…not complaining.  She does not say no and enjoys a “great time”!! 
Silk made this Friday(8/30) at the ART…”a night to remember”.  Tony is an ultimate gentleman who is willing to share.  To come over seven hours to visit the ART  in Hartford, CT… The patrons and management are very fortunate to have these two grace us with their presence.  What a way to end the summer! HOT! HOT! HOT!
Thank you!
Doc here again... Many thanks to H-Man for his timely report.  Keep them coming sir! 
Were you at The Art Cinema last night? Plan on going tonight?  Then I want your reports on the extraordinary evening(s) with Silk and Tony.  First time reporters, please give me a pen name to use with your reports. 
Please send your reports to me directly at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com .
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