Flash Report! TruknDave at Theatair X In Clarksville, IN

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from TruknDave.  The theater he has focused on is Theatair X in Clarksville, IN.

It seems luck was TruknDave's side last week at The X...

Hey Doc,
Just a quick update on my experiences at Theatair X in Clarksville last week.
Monday the 5th I found myself running errands and doing chores in town for my elderly Mother. Errands finished, and I find myself arriving at about 7:30 to The X. I enter and as I walk to the counter to say hi to the clerk I see a couple on the security monitor walking the halls in the peeps. The clerk tells me they just went back, as I paid for my tokens.
Tokens in hand and adrenalin flowing, I head back to see what is going on. As I enter the hall, I see them turn and head down another hall. I have yet to see them except from the back butt, things are looking good from what I have seen. From what I can tell, I am the only straight guy back here so this should be an easy score!
Theatair X
Clarksville, IN
As I turn the corner to the hall they went down, I see them entering a booth. I walk up to the one next door and what? It is occupied! Standing there silently cursing my luck, the door lock pops and out comes one of the "confused" like his ass has been set on fire!
I enter to find two things, One was that the previous occupant had dumped a bunch of tokens so I would be there gratis the second was the gay porn he had left playing. Quick change of the channel and things are looking up.
I bend down to look at the next door neighbors and find that I am looking at an late 40's - early 50's couple him in jeans and plaid shirt. Her in a red top and blue jean shorts with nice C cup boobs and bleached blond hair. She is standing against the far wall watching the screen and I notice her glance down at the hole. She looks back at the movie and immediately her hands go to the button on the top of her shorts. Down they fall and she lays them on the stool. Next comes the red top over her head and onto the stool. she is now standing there in just her bra and panties. She looks down at the hole again and her hand enters the waist band of her panties as she starts to rub herself.
The man is standing there watching the movie, and then reaches over and undoes the front clasp on her bra to set her boobs free. She then reaches down and unzips his jeans and pull his dick out and starts stroking him. She bends over and starts to blow him while looking at me through the hole. She then reaches up and puts her fingers to the hole! I am ready to go and immediately put my dick through.
I feel the smooth skin of her hand grab my cock and she starts stroking me. After a minute or two I then feel the soft wetness of her mouth on my cock. After just a few minutes of this I could take no more and I let loose with a stream of cum. Her mouth came off and she stroked me with fervor until it felt so good it hurt. I withdraw from the hole and look down to see her rubbing my deposit onto her boobs.
I say thanks and gather myself to leave. As I leave there is another regular standing there waiting his turn. I tell him good luck and back out into the muggy humid weather for the ride home.
Doc, there is more to tell for Tuesday and Thursday, and  I will send those reports along later. Off to do some chores on my day off.


Doc here again... Many thanks to TruknDave for another solid report from Theatair X. Keep up the great work, sir.

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