Flash Report! TruknDave Hits Theatair X in Clarksville, IN - Part 2

Doc here, a man known for stacking them high and pricing them right, with a terrific Flash Report from our over the road reporter, TruknDave.
Last week, TruknDave submitted Part 1 of his first report from Theatair X in Clarksville, IN. This week, Part 2 hits and he is back at "The X".
Here we go!
Hey Doc and Friends,
Here is Part 2 of last weeks fun at Theatair X. Or just Simply "The X" as we affectionately call it. (Last week's report HERE)
I have found in the many years in this thing of our that the action is more often than not feast or famine. Last week was definitely a feast as I swung through the X on my way home around 5:30 in the afternoon and as I walk in the clerk on duty just pointed to the peeps. Tokens in hand and away we go. Today things were a little harder as I had no idea what booth they had entered or if they had even entered one that has viewing capabilities. The hunt is on.
Theatair X
Clarksville, IN
Starting my sweep, I go to the most logical locations first and found them in the third booth I entered. I take a look through the hole and they are both in the booth completely naked. I mean not even wearing shoes! Do they know how much DNA has been spilled onto the floors over the years? Not to mention the other things people have done in there! But, I digress.
They were both mid to late twenty's and as usual I don't pay much attention to they guy half. However, this guy was heavily tatted which stood out due to his nakedness. She was probably about 5'4" and was what I like to call one biscuit shy of being plump. I dropped some tokens and my pants then commenced to get things ready for whatever may come next. I look down at the hole and I see her looking at me. I am instantly turned on by this being the exhibitionist that I am. I smile and wave to her. she then disappears out my view. I bend down to look and see that she is working on her man with one hand and her mouth while taking care of herself with her free hand.
She looks over and see that I am watching her now and gives me the C'mon gesture. I stand and proudly put it trough the hole at full attention. I feel a hand then a mouth and I am in heaven! Running through my mind, as she is eagerly slurping away, I can't believe the good run of luck I am having. I mean, TWO days in a row. The theater gods are smiling upon me...for now anyway and all is right  in the universe.
Theatair X
Clarksville, IN
From the other side of the wall I hear him give her words of encouragement, her stopping with her mouth to what I assume is to take care of him. She is back to me now and I can feel that sensation of an impending orgasm welling up deep down in my toes. I politely tap on the wall to let her know I am nearing the end and with that she works faster with her mouth and the slurping noise gets just audibly louder......Then as I am releasing my load I start hearing her choking. I guess there was more there than she had room for in her mouth. She slows her movement with her hand and gets the final drops out of me and let's go. I withdraw and look through to say thanks and I make myself presentable to the world once again.
I reenter the main part of the store and go to the restroom for a moment and then back out to the counter to talk with the clerk and tell him thanks for the heads up. As we are talking, out they come both with that squint eyed look you get from emerging from the darkness, her wearing a  brown sundress and flip flops. They smile at the clerk and I and say have a nice day and out the back door they go. I walked over to the back door just in time to see her open her car door and lift her dress up over her ass and get in and drive away.
Now on to Thursday...
Thursday, although I did not see myself in action, I did get to witness a very cute lady put on a very good show of "Shopping". She was wearing a short skirt with a blouse unbuttoned enough to show that she was sans bra. I swear folks, she must have looked at everything that was on a bottom shelf in that place. It was such a fun game of sneak a peek that I almost blew my wad in the middle of the store.
Doc, I hope you and the folks have a great week ahead. For me, the State Fair is in town this week and if the CL postings are any indication, this should be another good week down here in the 'Ville! and the X!
Till Then,"Keep the Lipstick off the Dipstick"
Doc here again... Many thanks to TruknDave for another great report from southern Indiana. Keep the reports flying in sir, and with no floor minimum. Things seems to be getting better at The X, and I have now removed them from the No-Fly Zone list of adult theaters where exercising caution is recommended. 
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