House Call Report! Charlie's Angels Meet The Good Doctor at 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicago on 8/13/13

Doc here, the kaiju Gotham needs, but not right now, with a House Call Report from 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago's western suburbs for the evening of 8/13/13.

On the same evening as Velvet Skye's appearance at 15th Avenue, a phone rang somewhere in Chicagoland. A familiar voice rang out from the speaker... "Good evening Angels". "Good evening Charlie" was the response from two of the three angels (the third was on assignment this evening).

You see, Charlie was feeling the urge to take his two angels (Farrah - a sexy blonde with blue eyes, curves in all the right places, and a very naughty mind, and Jacklyn - a sensuous, tall athletic brunette with an infectious laugh & mischievous eyes )  to 15th Avenue for some research and development. Little did they know that The Good Doctor was already on site, and conducting R&D of his own this cool August evening.

15th Ave Adult Theater & Spa
Melrose Park, IL
Farrah was behind the wheel of her SUV when Charlie and his two angels arrived a little after 8PM. The Good Doctor was outside checking messages on his Samsung Intergalatica LVIX as Charlie and the girls strode in. The evening was now taking a different complexion, and The Good Doctor was liking the vibe.

I retired back to the video booth area to wait out what direction Charlie and his angels would take. The good money was on the spa area, and if you had money on that bet, you would have won.

As the angels made their way back to the spa, I locked eyes with the lovely Farrah. She was scoping out our old friend in the white suit, and I was returning the favor. Jackyln followed, and I then recognized her from a long conversation we had back in February at this very location. You see, Jacklyn is an adult theater and swing club aficionado, and a loyal reader of The Journal.

Several minutes later, I found them back in the bleacher section in the spa area. It's a great place to socialize and (for reasons unknown to me), watch basic cable on their circa 1998 rear projection TV (tonight's programming was "Criminal Minds").

Flanking Charlie was Farrah and Jacklyn, and immediately Jacklyn recognized The Good Doctor and said in a loud voice, "we have a celebrity here". We laughed, and Farrah asked "a celebrity?"  J explained who I was, and I presented her with my business card.  She recognized my picture on the card and said "I know who you are! I read your blog all the time." 

We all eventually retired back to the theater, with Charlie and his angels in the very front row, and The Good Doctor sitting behind Farrah in row 2. It was now that some serious flirting began between Farrah and myself. Farrah leaned over to Jacklyn, and whispered something to her. What in the wide, wide, would of sports was going on here?

Farrah leaned back from the front row and motioned me closer, and she whispered to me that she "really wanted me to fuck her behind the screen door, on the table." Who am I to turn a pretty girl down?

The four of us (Charlie, his two angels, and Dr. Whathisname) proceeded back to the room behind the screen.  With most of the theater following us, Farrah told the gathered that this was just a one-on-one deal, not a GB. We undressed... Farrah has a terrific set of boobs I discovered - Nice full C's. She has one of those bodies made for sex... With her long blond hair in a pony tail, she bent down and gave your narrator a soft, wet blowjob to get my attention. Her long strokes and delicate tongue action were fantastic... Licking my shaft, getting it very wet and very hard.

She laid back and motioned me between her sexy legs... I suited up, and slid into her very tight and very wet pussy. With at least 25 people watching, including Jacklyn, I took Farrah. Slowly at first, but soon fucking her deep and fast, her moans getting louder, her pussy getting wetter.  

I reached back, lifted her head, and wrapped my hand around her pony tail. Would Farrah like it a little rougher? I gently pulled, and in response she moaned again. Her smile told me she enjoyed my play with her hair...Mental note taken.

I looked back, and noticed that Jacklyn was now canoodling with a former acquaintance, who we will call "D". As she watched Farrah and myself, she was enjoying D's hands as he pulled up her blouse.

Farrah was grinding into me as I fucked her harder, and with that came "the swoosh". No, not the Nike logo, but Farrah squirting all over me and the sex table. This happened one more time, and was just as awesome as the first time. I finished at that time as well.  Farrah confided in me that she typically doesn't squirt in this position, but she wasn't complaining.

I looked back again, and Jacklyn was now leaning back into D, and her jeans were now undone, her panties visible.  In the words on Ron Burgundy, things were escalating quickly.

With the table cleaned of juices, and both Farrah's and The Good Doctor's clothes back on, Jacklyn and D stepped off on the on deck circle and into the batters box. This was a treat for me, since I had never seen Jacklyn sans clothes. Her athletic body was laid down, and D was ready.

Farrah asked Jacklyn if she needed any lube, at which time J reached down and checked herself. She told Farrah (while laughing) "Oh, I'm good!"   Taking his cue, D slid into J, and it was on.  I was positioned at the head of the table, and D asked me to hold Jacklyn's arms above her head while he was fucking her. J reached back so I could grab her wrists, and she was now pinned down. With her sexy legs wrapped around D, he proceeded to fuck J, as the gathered masses watched.

After a few minutes, Jacklyn tapped out. You see, J doesn't enjoy being watched...She would much rather be in a room where everyone is engaged, nude, and rude. All do-ers, no watchers. But the show that was presented, and her body on display, was a special treat for all.

The evening began to come to an end for us all... Farrah and I exchanged contact info and a few nice kisses, as it seems more R&D must be performed. Jackyln and I hugged good bye and we agreed that we will look forward to next time, which hopefully is soon.  Charlie shook my hand good night (get better soon, sir) as we parted ways.

Good evening, angels.


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