I-Team Report! Changes Afoot at Fantasy For Adults Only in Missoula, MT by The PNW Kid

Doc here with an I-Team Report from regular contributor, The PNW Kid. There are changes (positive ones) afoot at Fantasy for Adults Only in Missoula, MT.
Here is The PNW Kid's report...
Hi Doc,
While traveling through Missoula, Montana yesterday on a work-related trip, I stopped for gas & a bite to eat.  While reading posts at the good doctor's journal, I checked the database and realized I was mere miles away from a theater.  Listed as Fantasy II (aka Fantasy Southside) in the database, this ABS/Theater is now known as "Fantasy For Adults Only."  It's located on a triangle shaped block and doesn't have onsite parking.  Brooks Street was packed with traffic, so I circled around and grabbed a spot in the parking lot of the nearby Staples store.  This turned out to be a good decision, since the main entrance appeared to be in back (photo attached).
Fantasy for Adults Only Theater & ABS
Missoula, MT
As referenced in the database, it appeared as if it was recently remodeled.  There were a few empty glass cabinets at the entrance waiting to be stocked with goodies.  The adult bookstore section had all the classic dvds, magazines, toys, lube & naughty lingerie you would expect to find.  Additionally, they sell what my fellow Seattle citizens might refer to as medical cannabis smoking devices. 
The girl working behind the counter was very nice and seemed interested when I used my iPhone to show her The Journal & database.  The theater is only open Thursday through Sunday (Thursday & SundayNoon to 1am / Friday & SaturdayNoon to 3am).  Sadly, there's no love for couples...everyone has to pay to enter.  The theater entrance leads to two separate straight & gay sub-theaters.  Because she's not scheduled during the theater shifts, she said she didn't know the rules about cameras being allowed inside the theater. 
As I explained how things work at the Seattle & Portland theaters, she smiled and said she'd heard about couples visiting their theater and added that they haven't had any surprise visits from Uncle Leo.  Due to my travel schedule, I unfortunately didn't have time to check out the booths.  However a steady flow of guys were wandering in and out of that area during our conversation, so I'm guessing that the previous information about gloryholes was correct.
So c'mon Big Sky State folks, check this place out and tell us what you think.
Strength & Honor,
The PNW Kid
Doc here again... Many thanks to The PNW Kid for this update from Missoula, MT.  I have already updated the database to reflect these changes at this location.
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