Quick Note From The Good Doctor: Report Announcements

Doc here, a man known as much for his meatball proficiency as his dance moves, which are spectacular.

I have an update for you, the good readers of The Journal, in terms of report announcements.  Up through the last couple of days, I would always post new report announcements on several of the Yahoo Groups. This worked well for years...until yesterday.

Yahoo has changed the Yahoo Groups interface, and frankly, it's a clusterfuck. I can't even get access to my Groups, let alone post messages about new reports.

So, moving forward, I STRONGLY suggest you follow me on Twitter:  @LizardoJournal . I always post announcements on new reports there, and it's instant. I also include a hyperlink to take you directly to the report.

Also keep in mind that on week days,I will always have a new report up at 5:30am CST, and at 3PM CST.  On occasion, I will also have a 7PM CST report as well, so I suggest checking back frequently so you don't miss anything.

I have two great reports regarding Cathy's visit to CTs Adult Theater in Gary and The Westwood Theatre in Toledo, and I would hate to have you miss them due to Yahoo's vortex of awful. I also have a photo profile of The Westwood Theatre coming up as well in the next week.

Thanks again to you, the good readers of The Good Doctor's Journal.


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