The Good Doctor's Mailbag: A Note from Scott & Jean

Doc here, a man who has danced with the devil in the pale moonlight, with a letter from The Good Doctor's Mailbag.

This e-mail comes from regular Couple's Reporters, Scott & Jean from the Toledo area.  They have set The Westwood Theatre on it's ear in recent trips (like last weekend), and they wanted to share something with us in regard to this thing of ours and their start in the scene.

So without further delay, here is Scott & Jean (I have also added a few pics of Jean to this report).


Hey Doc,
Just wanted to drop you a note re: your interview with YNOT

As someone who was fairly ignorant of the "adult theater scene" until relatively recently, I found the article to be especially interesting. Jean and I were definitely part of what you described as your "target audience" of couples who were interested in learning more about the whole thing but hadn't yet braved the waters, so to speak. We found the journal to be an incredibly helpful resource to prepare ourselves for our first visit. I'm honestly not sure we would have gone had we not discovered the blog, as it really helped us understand not only what to expect, but helped us realize how common our kinks/fantasies were. It really made us feel safe and allowed us to explore. 

In short, the Journal did us a tremendous service and I'm sure it has done similar to countless couples across this country and beyond. Thank you for continuing the blog, and positively representing those of us who enjoy this "thing of ours" in such a positive manner. Articles like these do a great job of spreading awareness and further growing the "scene". Well done, Doc.

We just wish we could have made it to the Cathy event to meet you!

Hope you're well.

- Scott & Jean
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