The Good Doctor's Pic of the Day! Hawaiian Eyeful

Doc here, a man that Native Americans have a name for, which loosely translated, means "spray cheese".

Day Two of The Good Doctor's Pic of the Day (POD) is here. As a friendly reminder, I will be picking out an image a day from The Journal's exclusive archive of original photos. These are images submitted to the Journal to accompany real adult theater reports. No image is borrowed, poached, or lifted from another website or from Craigslist. The God Doctor will also include a little info about the POD (if I have something to share).

Today's POD - Hawaiian Eyeful @ Mr. Peeps in Portland

Regular readers of The Journal may recognize the insanely hot Hawaiian Eyeful from Portland, OR. This image was taken from a set of pics where she and her guy visited Mr. Peeps in The Rose City. It's one of my favorite photos of Ms. Eyeful, and I am proud to present it to you as today's POD.

On a personal note, join me in wishing Hawaiian Eyeful's guy a speedy recovery from an accident he suffered a couple of months ago. We are rooting for you, sir!

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