The Good Doctor's Pic of the Day! "R" (of C&R) from Ohio

Doc here, a man who can get a ball out of a sand trap like nobody's business, with today's Pic of the Day.

Today's Pic of the Day features the stunning "R" (from regular Journal contributors C&R) from Ohio.  "R" is a tall drink of water, and I last saw her and "C" at The Westwood Theatre's  "Party with Cathy" event on August 10th in Toledo. This photo was taken by her hubby "C" in the ladies lounge area of the Foster Art Theater in Youngstown, OH. The window R is looking out from is situated right above the marquee, and faces Glenwood Avenue in Y-Town.

If you are lucky enough to run into C&R at The Foster or the Westwood, you will not be disappointed.  Trust me.

I hope you enjoy today's Pic of the Day!


"R" @ The Foster Art Theatre in Youngstown, OH

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