The Return of Bedtime Stories with Sweet Temptation!

Doc here with the terrific return of Bedtime Stories with Sweet Temptation.

Regular readers will remember Sweet Temptation as an incredible sexual force that made her debut at Hartford's awesome Art Cinema for their Valentine's Event in February.

I was lucky enough to both mentor her on her first visit to an adult theater, and then meet her at The Art Cinema.  She turned the place on it's ear with a sexual performance not seen often in this thing of ours. ST took on many men that night, making her a pure object of desire.

"Bedtime Stories" is a collection of Sweet Temptation's erotic short stories. She is sometimes sweet, and sometimes very naughty. She is also a talented writer, and if this report doesn't get you warm, nothing will.

Please welcome back Sweet Temptation and her latest Bedtime Story...


The evening is a warm and lovely evening, much like you.  The sun has just started it’s decent but is still very bright.  As you walk in front of me towards the ship that will be our "limo” for the evening the light shines through the white skirt you’re wearing.  Even with the built in slip I can still make out just a hint of your favorite thong and the way it’s lacy back sculpts your wonderful butt cheeks before it plunges between them.  Seeing you like that I can already feel the blood filling my cock.  As you bend over to put down the bag you were carrying, it’s all I can do not to stumble on one of the dock boards because I’m not paying attention to anything other than you.  You make me hot!
The Real
Sweet Temptation
Once we get our picnic of cold turkey, salad, cheese and crackers, chocolate covered strawberries and chilled wine on board, we find a nice comfy spot up at the front of the boat to sit and enjoy both the food and each other.  Since there is a good chance of the air out on the water being cooler than on land we’ve also brought along a couple of fleece blankets to wrap up in as well as sit on.  The voyage and our picnic get under way. 
The wind is perfect and the ocean is rolling along under us.  I’m thinking to myself how I’d love to have you rolling under me right then.  The wine is making us both relaxed and you have a little glint in your eyes.  Hmmmmm, I wonder what you could be thinking.  “I’m a bit cold” you say as you turn your back and nestle between my legs and lean against my chest.  “Why don’t you wrap a blanket around us?”  I get one of the fleece blankets and wrap it around my back and bring it around in front of you as you sit Indian style between my legs. 
You’ve pulled your skirt from under you so it covers your legs and spread knees.  I can feel the heat of your skin against my legs.  I wrap the blanket and my arms around your chest.  I can feel your breasts raising and falling with each breath.  I also notice the little moan you let out as one of my hands inadvertently brushed across your chest.  “Did you like that?” I ask.  You turn your head to mine and kiss my lips.  It’s not the kiss of “I love you” rather the kiss of “I want you!” as your tongue plays along my lips and mouth.  As you kiss me you also take my hand and guide it back to your breast.  “Yes, I like it very much” you reply. 
It’s a good thing we have this blanket wrapped around us.  I run my hand along the exposed portion of your neck and down inside your blouse.  I have to catch my breath for a second as I realize that while, yes, you have a bra on, there is nothing blocking my access to your now hard nipples. “ I wanted to surprise you tonight, at home, but now is as good a time as any” you say.  “Do you like?”  “Silly question!” I reply as I roll your nipple between my thumb and fingers.  I love the way your warm stiff nipple feels between my fingers.  I bring my other hand up underneath your blouse and circle my finger around your belly button.  Then I move it up to join with my other hand in playing with your breasts. 

Sweet Temptation
As I roll one nipple between my fingers, I rub the point of the other one with just the open, flat portion of my palm.  Not having a real bra to deal with makes it all the easier to enjoy the sensations of skin against skin, our skin.  I can tell by the way your hips are squirming and your breathing is changing that you are really enjoying what I’m doing.  I’m enjoying it also.  So much so that my cock is nice and stiff pressing into your back.  “We’re going to have to do something about that” you say with a smile as you lean harder back against me and feel my hardness.  “I should hope so!”  I lean in next to you and tell you how much I love you as I slowly circle your ear with the tip of my tongue. 
As the sun starts to set below the horizon and the colors of wonderful sunset are on display above the Portland skyline, I feel you shudder and whisper how I’m making you so incredibly wet.  That’s the whole idea.  We can hear the other members of our little sailing party as they laugh and talk and enjoy the evening.  We are doing our best to hide our little goings on but your breathing and squirming is making it harder and harder, just like my cock.  I move one hand down to your belly again and just start to snake my fingers under the waist band of your skirt when you grab my wrist and tell me “now wait just a minute, I need to use the ladies room.”  Talk about a mood breaker!  But with that said, your pull away from my hands and arms and head off below deck. 
When you return you sit back down, as before, Indian style between my legs with your skirt splayed out over your own knees.  “You’ll want to wrap us back up with that blanket” you say with a coy little smile.  “Now, where were we before I left, oh, yes, I remember.”  With that you take my hand and guide it under your skirt, between your spread legs.  “Oh my!” I say.  There’s no more thong!  “It was just gonna get in the way” you tell me.  I proceed to run my fingers through your wonderful curly hair.  The heat that is emanating from you is wonderful.  You scoot your butt out away from me a little and lean back against my chest again.  I start to run my fingers down along just the outer portion of your lips.  They’re nice and warm and wet.  While I’m playing my fingers of one hand along your wonderful pussy, I move my other back under your blouse to caress your breast and nipples.  We are lost in our own world of desire as the sun finally goes behind the horizon and the lights of the city come up. 
I reach my hand further down until it is just tickling your other hole.  Then I press it ever so lightly in and pull it back up between your wet lips to your waiting clit.  When I nudge your clit I can feel and hear your breath catch.  I start to circle my finger around and over it, making sure to increase the speed and pressure of my strokes.  One finger is not enough.  I add a second to the circular motions I’m making.  All the while I’m playing with pussy and clit, my other hand is cupped beneath your breast, lightly pinching and rolling your hot, hard nipple.  I bring this hand away from your breast for just a moment to caress the front of your chest and neck.  I can feel the warmth and sweat on your chest as it rises and falls with your passion induced breathing. 
Sweet Temptation
As I bring my hand up next to your cheek, you take one of my fingers in your mouth and roll your tongue around it, applying a wonderful sucking action at the same time.  I let my mind race with the thought of how that would feel if it was my cock in your mouth and not my finger, it’s my turn to shudder a bit!  As difficult as it is, I turn my attention back to my other hand.  I go from making firm little circles to pressing hard moving my hand back and forth as fast as I can.  “Oh god yes, don’t stop!”  The faster I move my hand the more your hips squirm.  “I want you” you whisper.  If it weren’t for all the people around, I’d be more than happy to lean you against the sail mast and drive my hardness into you fast and hard I can.  Instead, I take my two fingers and thrust them as far into your hot pussy as I can. 
“OH MY GOD YES!”  I start to thrust my fingers as fast as I can.  Your head is thrown back and your eyes are shut, you’re biting your lower lip  so you don’t make too much sound.  Faster, harder.  I keep thrusting my fingers.  I want to give you as much pleasure as I can so I use my thumb play with your clit at the same time I’m thrusting with my fingers.  I can see a tear starting to roll down your cheek and I kiss it away.  “I’m going to cum” you try to whisper in a calm voice so as not be heard.  The slapping of the water against the hull of the boat matches the thrusting of my hand and fingers.  I bend my fingers to press them against the inside of your pelvic bone and hit your G-spot.  At the same time I start to pull on your nipple and breast.  Once I hit your pelvic bone with my fingers it's all you can take.  I feel your body convulse and stiffen.  “Oh god yes, I’m cumming!”  I pull you tight to me as your passion shudders through your body.  In a moment or two your body relaxes as you slump back against me.  I continue to lightly stroke your lips and hair.  “Mmmmm, that was wonderful.”  “I couldn’t agree more.” 
For my own little extra enjoyment, I bring my fingers up and quickly put them in my mouth to taste your wonderful juices that are left on them.  The taste of you on my fingers is a wonderful enticement and reminder of how much I love and want you.  Any further demonstrations will have to wait though as our little excursion on the water is coming to an end. 
As we stand to gather our things, you turn to face me, still wrapped in our blanket, bring your face and lips up to meet mine and kiss me on the lips.  This time it’s the kiss of “I love you.”  As our tongues are gently mingling, you take one of your hands and rub it along my deflating hardness.  “I still want you in me,” later I promise.  You have other ideas about that though as I find out soon enough.  We gather our belongings and head for the gangway. Just as you’re about to step onto the ramp something drops from your arm full of stuff.  One of the crew members sees it and stops me.  “I believe your girlfriend just dropped a napkin” he tells me.  I get a hot grin as I pick it up only to discover it’s your thong!  “Thanks” I tell the crewman, “wouldn’t want to loose this.”  We walk off the dock together, hand in hand, feeling the warmth of each other and our passions.  We head back to the car to drop off all our picnic stuff before continuing our night out in the Old Port. 

Sweet Temptation
& Friend
We’ve parked on the top the floor of the parking garage by the pier.  It’s nice elevator ride to the top as we hug and kiss all the way up.  I’m starting get “up” again just from your kisses.  We get off the elevator and walk over to your car to put our stuff in.  As we cross between the car and wall you stop and turn to me with such lust in your eyes.
Without saying a word, you put one of the blankets on the ground and kneel on it in front of me.  “What’re you doing?”  As if I really needed to ask.  You just look up at me, grab the waist band of my shorts and pull them and my underwear to my knees.  You grasp my hardening cock around the base and begin to gently kiss and nibble on it.  With everything that’s happened earlier and the attention you’re giving it now, it doesn’t take long before I’m fully erect. 
You push my erection up flat against my belly so that the sensitive underside is exposed.  You run your tongue up along the underneath of my shaft, all the way to the head where you tickle the opening with the tip of your tongue.  Next you pull your mouth away from my shaft, use one of your hands to push me back against the hood so I’m leaning against it.  I spread my knees as best I can to give you complete access to me.  You continue to stroke my shaft while taking my clean shaven testicle in your mouth and roll it around like a large ice cube.  Your free hand is tickling the area just behind my sack.  You can feel my cock jump and twitch in your hand from the sensations of your fingernails on my sensitive spot.  You let go of my shaft so it is now sticking straight out in front of me.  Pointing directly at your wonderful mouth.  “Mmmmmm, desert” you say, as you totally engulf me in the warmth of your mouth.  I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. 
The sensations are only amplified when you start press one of your fingers up between my cheeks as you cup my sack with your other hand.  The pressure from your finger is working into my opening.  The sight of you in front of me with my cock being rolled and stroked by your amazing tongue and mouth is starting to get to me!  I can feel that familiar tingling and tightening in the base of my shaft and sack.  “If you keep that up, you really are going to get desert.”  “We can’t have that, at least not yet” you tell me.  “I have other plans for your load of cum.” 
You stand, go lean over the wall of the garage, looking out over the night lights of the city, and pull your skirt up around your waist.  “I told you, I want you in me, NOW!”  The sight of  your exposed and glistening pussy is as exciting and erotic a thing as I’ve ever seen.  I have to have a taste first though.  I move the blanket over behind you and get on my knees.  I bury my face between your cheeks and push my tongue as far in between your lips as I can.  You taste wonderful.  I suck on your  lips and thrust my tongue in and out.  I bring my finger up and roll your clit as I lick and suck on your pussy.  Your juices are really flowing!  I can’t get enough of you.  “Oh my god that’s wonderful” you tell me.  “But if you don’t put that wonderful cock of yours inside me NOW, you’re in big trouble.” 
Never one to argue with a lady, I stand place the now purple head of my cock against your pussy lips.  As soon as you feel the slightest touch you use all your strength to push back and bury my cock as inside you as you can.  I can’t believe how exciting this is.  You are like a woman possessed.  You keep thrusting your hips back against mine as fast as you can.  “You feel amazing inside me!”  “I want you hard and fast, fuck my pussy as hard as you can!”  I grab your hips and lean my hips forward.  I start to thrust just as hard as I can, the sound of our bodies slapping against each other as our passions build toward explosion.  While I’m driving into your pussy, you start to finger your clit as well.  We are driving together towards blissful release!  “Oh god I feel it cumming!”  “That’s it, fuck me harder, HARDER!”  “OH GOD I’M CUMMING”!  “I’M CUMMING!” 
Just as you say that I wet a finger and push it into your other opening at the same time you reach your hand through our legs push your finger into me!  The sensation is more than I can stand!  “OH MY GOD YES!”  I almost scream as I fill your pussy with my hot load.  I can feel your muscles contracting around my pulsing shaft as I push as far into you as I can.  We stand like this for a moment or two but it seems like an eternity. 
An eternity of love and life, passion and desire for each other.  The lights of the city below twinkle and shine, the stars in the sky add to beauty of the night.  I sit back against the hood of your car and pull you back with me.  I want to keep myself inside you for as long as I can, a lifetime if possible.  You lean back against me and turn to kiss me.  Our tongues dance again, the dance of friends, lovers, trusted companions and life partners.   The desire and passion of the night but a flickering of the love, desire and passion that we feel for each other.

Sweet dreams...



Doc here again... Thank you Sweet Temptation for a great story to finish up our day. Please keep them coming.

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