UPDATED at 4PM EST! A Quick Note From The Good Doctor: Get To The Westwood Early for the "Party with Cathy" Event


Doc here, safely in Toledo, and getting ready for an epic evening at The Westwood Theatre.

A few minutes ago, I Tweeted out a photo of someone you might be familiar with (as in Cathy), as we completed our walk through for tonight's event at The Westwood.

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Like this:

We will see you tonight at The Westwood Theatre in Toledo. The private party (since the Westwood is a private club) starts at 8PM!


Doc here with a Quick Note regarding Saturday night's "Party with Cathy" event at The Westwood Theatre in Toledo Ohio, starting at 8PM EST.

Since The Westwood Theatre s now a private club, those of you who are not already members will need to fill out your club membership paperwork and show ID prior to entering the event.

Even though The Westwood  Theatre will have on a lot of additional staff for the event, I strongly suggest getting there at least 30 minutes early so you can take care of your paperwork before the festivities begin.

Cathy and The Good Doctor are looking forward to seeing you Saturday 8/10 @ 8PM at The Westwood Theatre, 1602 N. Sylvanvia Ave., Toledo, OH.

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