Visit Announcement! 15th Ave Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL - Couples/Singles Party Tonight

Doc here, half man/half fish, all awesome, with a reminder of a big Couples/Singles party tonight at 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Melrose Park, IL.

That's right kids, The Good Doctor will be gassing up The Lizardo 3000, picking up his date for the evening, Farrah from Charlie's Angels, and heading to 15th Avenue for a fun night of naughtiness.

Here are the details for the evening:

15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa, Melrose Park, IL
15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa

TONIGHT, Saturday, August 31st, 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa will be hosting a Couples/Singles Party in their terrific party room, starting at 8PM and running to 1AM.

Here is the rundown of the event:
  • This last party of the summer is open to everyone!
  • The theme for the party is Ladies in Button Down Shirts and Stilettos.  Guys, wear more than a t-shirt!
  • BYOB - Beverages must stay in the party room.
  • Single males will be required to purchase the theater and spa for the normal $30, before purchasing the party, which is $15.
Couples: $30
Single Males: $45
Single Females: FREE

The Good Doctor will be making a House Call this evening, and will be escorting (with Charlie's approval), the awesome Angel Farrah. Her outfit is going to be killer folks. Trust me on this.  She just *may* be looking for a few good men, depending on the scene and the vibe. And as always with Farrah, no touching unless invited by her or me.

Also attending will be my good friend the lovely Moaning Lisa, plus some additional surprise sexy guests.  A little birdie has also told me that the "Party Advisor" just may have on the craziest stilettos this evening.

I look forward to seeing you at 15th Avenue Saturday night... How to spot me?  Find the paesan with a faint smell of meatballs about him, wearing and black and white bowling shirt, with a tall sexy blonde on his arm. Introduce yourself if you have the chance... Plus I hope there will be some reporters on hand to document the evening.

Tell them Doc sent you.

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