Couple's Flash Report! Bambi & Thumper @ The Paris Theatre in Portland (w/PIC)

Doc here with a long overdue Couple's Flash Report from my good friend's Bambi & Thumper. They visited Portland's legendary Paris Theatre, and have quite a tale to tell.

Here we go!


Hey Doc,

Just got home from Portland and boy are my arms tired. We visited the Paris on both the Friday and Saturday night (8/23-24) . Friday night was the busier night of the two at least when we were there, which was around 10 pm both nights. We had sent an email to Brent (yeah Brent!), letting him know we were headed to Portland and he posted a note on his Yahoo group.
On Friday night Bambi entered the theater wearing her 5 inch black mules, black stockings, the ever present anklet, her see-through black lace hoodie and a very short black velvet skirt.
There were already three couples in the  couples area, most of them were naked, with the exception of one gentleman who was shinning a flash light on the other couples. We sat in the couple area for a while, adjusting our eyes. Bambi started things off by taking off her top and bra, and offering up a breast or two to the "rail birds".
We moved into the annex a short time later. By this time the skirt was gone, leaving just the heels, panties, stockings and garter belt. There was a line up of guys on the railing outside the annex. I pointed to one dark skinned gentleman and lowered the chain to allow him to enter. Briefed on the rules, he eagerly went for Bambi's tits, licking and biting them. Bambi' hands went to work, and after a while he stood and released all over her tits. Soon I lost track of the number of guests, but Bambi figures it was around 10.
The Real Bambi @ The Paris
The last guy had actually been massaging Bambi's shoulders and back the whole time. He had offered up his services at the start of the evening. Bambi loved it. He was offered a happy ending of his own, but chose to finish the way the rest of the guys had. At this time Bambi was thoroughly covered in cum, it was then my turn. We cleaned up and headed out sometime around 1130 pm.
Saturday night we returned around 10:15 pm. I have attached a picture of Bambi in front of the entrance to the main theater. Camera's and cell phones are not allowed inside, so Doc this is the best I got for you. Saturday's outfit was red heels, brown stockings, jean skirt and a black stretch top.
There was only one couple in the couples area. She was a brunette in a black lace body stocking playing with her escort. They left a little while after we arrived. The only other female in attendance that night was in the main theater blowing guy after guy. We moved into the annex and repeated last nights events, though to a fewer number.

Of note Doc, the guy working the theater both nights was very nice and polite. He made things very comfortable, and even offered up a clean towel. In addition I even found a cheaper parking lot this time around which made me even happier!



Doc here again... Glad to hear that Bambi & Thumper had such a great time at the Paris.  Their two day stand sounds like it was a home run.

Many thanks again to Bambi & Thumper for a great report!

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