Couple's Flash Report! The C.E.O. and The Chairman Hit The Westwood Theatre in Toledo (w/8 HOT PICS!)

Doc here, a man who when pressed for an answer, will always respond "sweet and sour shrimp", with an outstanding Couple's Flash Report from The C.E.O.
The C.E.O. has been contributing reports for two years now, and each adventure gets raunchier and naughtier. This report in particular I love, as she turned two places into her playpens: The Westwood Theatre and Modern Art, both in Toledo.
Enjoy the report and GREAT (and real) pics of the C.E.O.!
Hello there Doc, 
I have finally recovered from my Labor Day weekend fun, and am of course writing to tell you and our friends in “this thing of ours” all about it! 
Friday night was especially naughty, exciting and a long time coming!  The Chairman and the CEO were finally out for a night of naughty deviance after a long summer of work at the corporation.  We started our trek to the Westwood Theatre, but decided to make a short pit stop first.  We visited the former Woodville News, now Modern Art for a few naughty videos, some pictures, and if I was lucky maybe a cock through the hole.  After all, everyone needs a little appetizer before dinner.  I always prefer a cream sauce with my appetizers.  ;) 
We watched some fun videos, got a little naughty in the booth, and took some pictures, which are included with this letter.  Unfortunately, there were no cocks through the hole.  It appears I was playing for the wrong team, or at least my finger around the hole was the wrong shape/size, or maybe they didn’t like my nail polish.  
So we decided to move on to the Westwood for our first visit since they went to a private club.  As usual, we were greeted by some friendly guests outside, who helped to escort me in.  It is definitely flattering that I have captured attention from some admirers.  Just remember boys, that I actually need to get into the building, and into the theater or booth before I can take care of my business!
We decided to try out the booths first.  Being on my knees and sucking anonymous cock always gets my pussy wet, and makes me want to be an even naughtier girl.  So we got settled into the booth.  Our friendly tour guides made sure to direct us to one with TWO holes!  That is a GH slut’s wet dream! 
As soon as I walked in the booth, I was super happy to see my first cock through the hole.  I immediately got on my knees and put my mouth all around his member.  I soon was given my reward when his hot cum shot in my mouth.  So I thanked him for his donation, and quickly moved over to the hole on the other side.  If my memory serves me right, I took approximately 5 donations from about 8 volunteers.  Unfortunately, some guys were not ready.  L 

I must say the 2 hole experience was fantastic.  I didn’t have to wait for shift change, or for the guy to get ready.  By the time I was done with hole #1, I could turn around and start on hole #2.  Now if only the holes were closer.  I wonder what kind of trouble a girl could get into with that kind of set up?! 
After a while on my knees, I needed a small break.  We decided to move to the theater to see what was happening in there.  We found one of the couches in the couples section right next to the railings.  I watched the video for a few moments, and decided that I needed to service the Chairman for treating me to such naughty fun. 
As I was bent over, my skirt mysteriously rose to my hips, and my pussy and ass were right up against the railing.  I admit it was dirty as hell when I felt some random fingers start to slide in my pussy.  I have a thing for being bent over, and naughty stuff happening behind me, so this just got me all revved up.  I now needed cum, and lots of it.  I turned over on my back, made sure to expose my 36Ds, and asked my friendly admirers to show me how much they are enjoying the movie.  My admirers did not disappoint!  With only 5 or 6 loads, my admirers were done for the moment, which meant I was done too… well, at least in the theater.
Actually, we decided to leave the Westwood.  My work there was done for this visit.  It was definitely fun to see the expressions on the patrons in the lobby when I walked out covered in cum.  It puts a smile on a naughty girl’s face.
Since I was not completely done being a deviant slut, we decided on one last trip to the Modern Art.  The Chairman and I got comfortable in our booth, selected our video, and started to fool around.  As usual, I ended up on my knees, servicing my husband.  I didn’t exactly realize that we had friends in the booth next to us, until I felt fingers on my pussy.  Have I already mentioned how much I love being bent over, and naughty things happening behind me?  Again, I was practically dripping with excitement.  My Chairman moved forward a bit so my behind was right up against the hole.  It was only moments until I felt my pussy get filled up with a warm hard cock.  A cock in my mouth, bent over, and a cock in my pussy is exactly what I needed to finish my slutty deviant night.
Our night around Toledo was complete.  The rest of the night is just for the Chairman and me.  I hope you enjoy the pictures of our night, as we sure had fun making them.
Hugs and blowjobs!
CEO’s Policy Update:  Make sure you are ready when you put your cock in the hole.  The name of the game is cum, and lots of it!  So be ready to give it up!

The C.E.O.'s Gallery
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Doc here again... Many thanks to The C.E.O. and her hubby, The Chairman, for a fantastic report and HOT pics from their visits to The Westwood Theatre and Modern Art in Toledo. Keep the reports coming guys! 

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