Couple's Flash Report! Gloryhole Nancy @ The Westwood Theatre in Toledo on 9/7/13 (w/16 PICS!)

Doc here with a great Couple's Flash Report from my good friends, Gloryhole Nancy and her guy, T.

Included in this great report are 16 brand new pics from that evening in Toledo!

Take it away!


Hi there Doc,

Just wanted to follow up with our teaser report as Saturday night  9/7 was a blast at The Westwood Theatre!

Nancy and I walked in and we could tell right away the horndogs were ready for her.  Beside one idiot who stared at her like he had never seen a woman all the guys were behaved. Can't blame him, cause when Nancy has on tight clothing and CFM heels its impossible not to stare!   

We made our way back to the holes and as usual a cock was sticking through within seconds of us closing the door. Nancy loves black cock and power sucked this one til he exploded all over. His cock was soon replaced by another black cock and since he already had a condom Nancy sucked him for a minute then backed her pussy onto it, as he moaned loud and began to pump his cock into her. She ended up sucking off 3 and fucking 3 before we made our way out the door.

Nancy had a great time and we went back Saturday 9/14 to repeat another night like that one.  Hope you like the pics and please let your readers know we are looking for more stunt cocks!

Stunt cocks can apply at .

Nancy and T

Nancy @ The Westwood Theatre Gallery
(click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)


Doc here again... Many thanks to Nancy and T for another great set of boobs pics from their latest adventure at the terrific Westwood Theatre in Toledo, OH.  Keep looking for the next video installment of Nancy and Lonely Tina at the gloryhole, coming very soon to The Journal.

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