Couple's Flash Report! Gloryhole Nancy @ The Westwood Theatre on 8-24-13 (w/5 NEW PICS!)

Doc here with a great report and some words of wisdom from the incredibly hot and naughty Gloryhole Nancy.

Read this report.. You may learn something, guys. Honest.

Here we go!

Good Evening Dr.

I hope all is well despite this humid hell we're in now lol.  We wanted to send the following pics so your readers can see how simple it is to get a mind blowing suck job from Nancy.

What did he do you may ask? Why him and not the many others we get emails from? Simple: He followed the easy directions we ask and in return he got Nancy slurping on his cock like the cocksucking pro she is.  He emailed a MEASURED WITH A RULER cock pic, was polite and not pushy, and showed up showered and shaved. Believe it or not it is really that simple. He did as we asked and now he is on our list of guys we contact when Nancy needs her fix of gloryhole cock. 

If you want your cock sucked/fucked by her, contact us with a measured cock pic at She prefers 8" or more but she's been known to lower her requirements if she likes what she sees.  If you cant sent the pic, don't waste our time. If you can, it might be your cock featured on The Good Doc's blog!

(Click to ENLARGE the thumbnails)

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