Couple's Flash Report! Rick & Ashley @ The Art Cinema Saturday 9/7/13 (w/5 Exclusive Pics!)

Doc here with a great first time report from Rick & Ashley, and their trip to Hartford's awesome Art Cinema.




Here's our report on the Art Cinema in Hartford from this past Saturday night 9-7-13. We got there a little early and there was not that many couples there yet, so we decided to take a few pictures and have a little fun as well!!

Later on, Ashley and I took a walk downstairs to check things out.  The guys there where very respectful of both of us, as we gave them all a nice little show of their own!!! Later around 8:30pm or so many other couples started coming in one right after another. It stared off slow, but soon enough there were some couples playing with each other and having a good time!!!

(ed. note: The total number of couples on Saturday night @ The Art Cinema was 18)

Here are a few pics we took at the Art last night.

All in all a great night at the Art Cinema!!!

Rick & Ashley

Ashley's Gallery
(Click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE)


Doc here again... Many thanks to Rick and the very naughty Ashley for a great report!  Keep them coming, and love the pics!

Another reason why The Art Cinema is special!


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