Couple's Flash Report! Tony & Silk @ The Art Cinema: Part 3 - Saturday Night (w/8 Exclusive HOT Pics!)

Doc here, a man who some say has webbed feet, with the long awaited Part 3 of Silk & Tony's Art Cinema adventure in Hartford, CT.

In the first two parts, we covered Friday night 8/30.  We now move onto Saturday night, 8/31, and the scene is getting hotter.  Silk is wearing a sexy tiny dress that Tony AND The Good Doctor picked out for her in Toledo earlier in the month at The Westwood Theatre. And lucky for all concerned, Silk didn't keep it on very long.

Preceding this report is H-Man's account of the evening, so he will be able to fill in the gaps for you on this night for the ages at The Art Cinema.

Enjoy, and you are welcome.


Saturday Night with Silk & Tony @ The Art Cinema
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