Field Report! The Seattle Theater/ABS Scene by Mr. X

Doc here with a quick Field Report on the Seattle theater and ABS scene by regular contributor, Mr. X.

Take it away, sir.



Had a couple days in Seattle and had to choose- take the short drive to Portland for assured fun, or do my due diligence on Seattle theaters as Doc requested??  Duty calls, so off to Bremerton-
Sorry to report that just like my previous report from Iowa, the Bremerton theater is no longer- in its place is a couple rows of private booths- I am not a private booth type of guy, so left disappointed

On to the new theater in DM - did not see any parking, so had lunch down the road, left my car, and walked back to theater- $7 admission takes you into a large room that has two small TV's with attached DVR's--- two bar stools were all that were available for sitting- (I guess one stool per TV)- wondered how long it takes in Seattle to get a couple of used sofas or something similar- oh, and if you want to change the movie after it ends, you need to figure it out on your own, as I had to go up to DVR and figure out remote control- oh, and no one else was in theater during my visit- anther disappointment-oh, I think they are open 8 to 2:30 AM every day--

Then went to Hollywood Erotic Boutique on Lake City street-- much better set up with the basement theaters- they also actually change the DVD's- only one couple visited the Friday night I visited, and they did not stay long- but enjoyed the setup, although admission was a little pricey ($12) in my opinion-

So next time I think I make the drive to Portland!!!

Mr. X


Doc here again...Thanks to Mr. X for this report. The Seattle scene is a funny one in my opinion. Airport Video in Everett and Hollywood Erotic Boutique in the Lake City area of Seattle are the best. Personally, I love the "Fight Club" vibe of the theaters at HEB.


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