Flash Report! The Green Door in Bethlehem, PA by Mikeynylons

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from The Green Door in Bethlehem, PA, as well as one additional location by first timer Mikeynylons.

Here we go...


Visited the Green Door in Bethlehem on Friday Sept 6 at 8pm.   The parking lot was full.   I thought there might be  couple coming in for some action that had let someone know in advance.  I went in eagerly but it was all men.   The movies were not the most exciting.   The main attraction here is the play area booths.
I revisited the next day on Sept 7 at 830PM and there were only a few cars.    It's a bit noisy inside with 3 movies playing and there is a bit of an echo.  I thought it was noise from another movie I heard but it was really the clicking of real heals.   I only saw her leave and I think she left disappointed as there was not many people there.

I went over to Cupids Treasure on Stefko Blvd, and there they have private booths with some gloryholes and the selection of movies is better.   I think this place does not lend itself to couple's play as much as the Green Door. 



Doc here again... Thanks to Mikeynylons for his first report. Keep them coming, sir.

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