Flash Report! H- Man @ The Art Cinema for Silk & Tony's Saturday Night Fever on 8/31/13

Doc here with a report that goes hand in hand with Silk & Tony's Saturday Night Fever Visit Report @ The Art Cinema in Hartford.
H-Man was on the scene and a man with a plan. This terrific report captures the scene that night, and coupled with the photos following, provide great coverage of this incredible event.
Fasten your seatbelts, and grab two cans of Fresca.  Enjoy.
Hello Good Doctor! 
It is early Sunday morning 9/1 here on the East coast and I have just returned from my favorite theater…The ART Cinema!  I wasn’t going to go on 8/31 but I thought if Tony and Silk drove seven hours from north of the border…I could drive 40 minutes north to Hartford to see the “insatiable” Silk! 
OH WHAT A NIGHT!!!  When Silk and Tony entered the theater's main floor…all heads turned…she looked ravishing.  From her walk down the center aisle…her smile…to her disrobing of her coat….to expose a body that just doesn’t quit!!  And on her arm and by her side was the ever faithful and gentleman Tony. 
The Real Silk
SIlk wore a dress that shined in the dark with sexy thigh high stockings (ed. note: Tony and The Good Doctor picked out that sequined dress for her at The Westwood Theatre in Toledo).  It accentuated her curves…and exposed her truly magnificent assets….ones that will not soon be forgotten.  Her body was smooth and soft in all the right places.  A sight to behold. 
Within minutes there were 2 patrons deep around her making and listening to sounds we all love to hear.  The moans, groans, "Oh my Gods", and the beautiful sounds of orgasms…one and two at a time.  The sites of hard cocks cumming one after and another….
A happy 22nd birthday BJ to a newbie….and the numerous-numerous pictures taken by yours truly with Tony's camera…The H-Man!   I could not have gotten any closer and the images are embedded in my mind forever.  The excitement and sounds of sexual passion was so overwhelming that the many couples in the balcony were looking over the railing focusing their attention on the beautiful SILK and the patrons waiting to enjoy this incredible goddess.  She does not disappoint.  Her sexual appetite and her willingness to please all, is incredible.
I didn’t think it could get better than the night before….but it did and it was!   I hope that Silk and Tony will once again return to the ART CINEMA  in the months or year to come.  I am not sure we will experience or see what we were graced with these last two nights! 
My best to SILK and TONY!  Thank you!!
Doc here again... Many thanks to The H-Man for a great job of covering this two-day event with Silk & Tony. Keep up the great work!
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