Flash Report! Mr. Glass at The Westwood Theatre in Toledo on Saturday 9/7/13

Doc here with a fantastic Flash Report from senior reporter Mr. Glass on his latest trip to Toledo's terrific Westwood Theatre on Saturday 9/7/13.

This is a good one folks, and typical of what you might @ The Westwood at any time.

Here we go!


Hi Doc,
I have not been able to get into the WW for a few weeks, but made a trip this past Saturday from 9 until midnight. Not the most active trip, but a success none the less.  5-6 couples throughout those 3 hours.  Mainly middle to older aged couples, with one exception. 

The Westwood Theatre
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All play in the theater occurred in the couples section with no interaction with the onlookers.  The action was mainly all making out, couple BJs and an attempt at a little riding, but he must not have been up for it.  The exception which I mentioned was a young couple who sure did standout from the others.  I would say mid 20s.  Both in shape, she a blonde, very good looking (innocent almost) and dressed almost like an office lady, do not recall the shirt color, but a black skirt just above the knees.  It worked for her. 

In the theater they watched the others and smiled as they did.  He was also rubbing her through her panties.  I would say this going on about 20 minutes or so, at which time they got up and began walking out.  Let it be known, Mr. Glass is not a big fan of GH’s, I prefer to be able to see and feel, but I could also see the writing on the walls this night.  It was going to be this or nothing. 
I then decided to walk out and into the booth area, and it paid off.  They did not leave, they were in the back and there was a line.  I found my place in line at about #6.  I thought for sure I was never going to get the opportunity.  However one by one the line shrunk until I found myself at the front of it.  As the guy ahead of me walks out he said they were not playing, only allowing you to watch.  I decided to find this out for myself thinking there was no way all those others were just watching. 

I enter and look over at them.  I could see her standing by the hole, panties on, skirt off, could not get enough of an angle to see up.  He was sitting down without his pants on and he, well, lets just say he appeared to be “man challenged”.  I decide to test the waters and offer what I brought to the table.  She went to work right away.  Maybe it was a cuck thing?  She worked me for about 5 minutes before I politely gave her a pre-cum moan, at which time she pulled off and finished me hand style.  I peaked back through and could now see her squatting at the hole with some juice on her.
Another great night was had.  By the way, as I was pulling into the lot “Dr. Feelgood” by Motley Crew came on the radio.  Maybe an official blog song?

Mr. Glass

Doc here again... Like the official blog song suggestion!  Fitting, I would say!
Thank you Mr. Glass!  Great job as always!
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