House Call! Part 1: Long Shirts & Stilettos Party in Chicago on 8/31 with Charlie's Angel Farrah, The Good Doctor, and a Cast of Dozens (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man some say can hypnotize sheep, with the long awaited House Call Report on last Saturday's crazy "Long Shirts & Stilettos Couples / Singles Party" at a great Party Room in Chicago's western suburbs.

This was a night for the ages, which is saying something coming from a paesan who has seen a lot in his day. And as crazy as the scene was at the theater and party room, it was crazier afterwards at a remote dogging location for the after-party.

Let's jump in the Way Back Machine, and set the controls for Saturday, August 31st. Sherman, if you please...

The Lizardo 3000, freshly serviced the day before, was on the launch pad at The Chez Lizardo ready for an evening of filthy fun.  I set the Flux Capacitor in the 3000 for Chicago, and off The Good Doctor went into the late August air. 

The plan was to meet Farrah, Charlie's hot blond haired Angel, at the Party Room (OK'd by Charlie days before via conference call. Charlie and I follow protocol to a T).  I was to be Farrah's escort for the evening, and she was excited to say the least (as was I). 

Farrah looked HOT when I pulled up next to her in the parking lot. Wearing a hot pair of mid-thigh lace-up boots, one of The Good Doctor's freshly washed and starched white button down dress shirts, and topping it off with my favorite red print tie, she was READY. Underneath she had on a sexy black bra and black lace thong that just begged for me to rip them off of her.

The Good Doctor was wearing a black and white bowling shirt. No, I was not planning on any keggling that night. I wore it because it's easy to spot in a crowd, and I was looking forward to meeting readers and reporters of The Journal. All they would have to do is spot the bowling shirt, and hilarity would ensue. This strategy worked well (more on that later).

Heads spun around as I walked Farrah into the venue... We paid our fees, got our wristbands, and headed to the locker room for her to change and freshen up. As we entered the locker room, were soon met by Red (from Racine) and her guy, M, who both had met Farrah previously in the lifestyle.

Red is a petite red head about my age, looks many years younger, with a great sexual vibe about her that I would see first hand as the evening got some traction. M is a good looking black guy, and the two of them make a great pair.

My good friend Moaning Lisa has also played with them recently, and with the both Red & Lisa being bi, made fast friends. She suggested that we would do our best to get together in a three-some or more-some this evening. By the end of the evening, if you put your money on "more-some", you would have won.

Farrah and I walked from the locker room into the party room.  We dropped off our BYOB supplies, turned around, and soaked up the scene. Farrah draws a lot of followers (I call them "walkers") when she makes an entrance. She exudes sex and naughtiness, and combined with her great attitude draws guys like flies. Farrah is sexual napalm.

The Good Doctor and Farrah made their way into one of the two play rooms off the party room, and left the door open.  You see, Farrah (and The Good Doctor as well) love to be watched while doing the dirty.

On the long drive to the venue from The Valley (near the small women's liberal arts college), all I could think about was getting Farrah into one of these rooms and ravishing her.  And by ravishing, I mean ripping my shirt and tie off of her, pulling her black thong off her long sexy legs, and rubbing my hard cock all over her wet pussy before sliding into her.

The Real Farrah
I love hearing Farrah gasp when I slip into her the first time...The gasp is followed by a smile that is almost one of those guilty smiles. Over the course of the next 15 minutes, that smile was replaced with "Oh God" and "Fuck me". With her long legs wrapped around me, I felt Farrah tense up... Wait for it... and then feeling her squirt all over me, my cock, and that poor sex table.  Farrah's grand finale for this session was greeted by oohs and aahs from the dozen or people watching us from the door. 

We cleaned up, made ourselves presentable, and went back in to the party. The night was young, as people were starting to arrive, and the energy level was bumping up...

Farrah ran into one of her guy friends, "C". While they chit chatted, I was approached by a very nice couple who were fans of The Journal, and found me via my bowling shirt. They were looking for a couple they met at the last party, the very hot ToyLovingMILF, who I know as well.  Unfortunately we didn't see them this evening.

I felt a tap on my shoulder, and it was Farrah. She whispered in my ear that she was going to go into one of the private rooms with C, and if that was OK with me. I told her to have at it, and thanked her for asking first. I knew at that time what I would do next... Give her a couple of minutes before I poked my head in the room. My goal was to give Farrah her first three-some of the evening.

After waiting a few minutes, I strolled over to the room and looked in. There was the sexy Farrah, naked except for her boots, and looking amazing. She had C's sizeable cock in her mouth, and glanced towards me as I walked in. She waved me over, and the three-some was now on.

I undressed while C suited up behind Farrah. At one time, C began fucking Farrah while she leaned in and began giving The Good Doctor an amazing BJ. The thrusts by C provided Farrah the motion for me to fuck her mouth.  Her moans and cries of  "Oh God" were a good sign, as I knew it wouldn't be long before Farrah squirted all over C. 

What we were not counting on was Farrah squirting so much that it ended up inside one of C's shoes on the floor. I wonder if Thom McCan has a 24-hour help line for such emergencies? ("Hello, Thom Mcan hotline? How does one clean up lady juice from an Italian loafer, size 11")

As C tapped out to regroup, I spun Farrah around for round 2.  She was now laying across the bench width-wise, with her head against the wall and her business end facing me while I was standing. I again slid into her, as Farrah begged me to "fuck me hard". I was hard and ready, and slid right into her wet tight pussy.  With her hands on my shoulders, grinding her pussy into me, I started fucking her...HARD. So hard, her head was now banging against the wall behind her.  When I noticed this, I asked her if she wanted to move.  Her response?

"Keep fucking me."

I did. She came. She squirted twice (my shoes were safe and dry underneath the table - lesson learned), and we had a bigger audience at the door.  It was getting very hot in this room, and we needed a break after several minutes of our special brand of aerobics.

The party was in full force at this point... Couple's were streaming in. The final count for couples this night was 30, a new record for the venue according to the owner. I counted 4 girls wearing collars, plenty of long men's shirts on pretty girls, a couple of naughty schoolgirls, and several tiny black dresses.  Lots of eye candy to be sure.

As I was talking with another reader of The Journal, I spotted a very hot petite blonde in a black and grey men's shirt, waiting patiently. I thanked the reader for saying hello, and went up to this striking lady. She stepped up and said "Hi Doc, I am the O'Hare MILF". We embraced like we were long lost friends...

The Real
The O'Hare MILF ("ORDM" moving forward in this report) and her hubby "K" have submitted a couple of reports to The Journal recently.  While not new to the lifestyle, they are relatively new to the adult theater scene (2 months), and they are loving it.  Your narrator would see for himself how much ORDM was loving it shortly as it turns out.

I had wondered what ORDM was like in person, and folks, she is as nice as she is sexy. Hubby K was a great guy as well, and together they make a terrific couple in this thing of ours.

I turned around, and apparently lost track of Farrah. This was no surprise, and I was sure she was in good hands (or with a good cock, take your pick).  I wandered over to the play rooms, and saw a big crowd huddled around the far play room.  I walked up, stood on my tip toes (since basketball wasn't my sport of choice in school), and saw two very familiar boots in the air, pointing up.  That Farrah... Turn my back for a second to hand out a business card, and there she is getting drilled.

I loved it!

As I walked back out past the first play room, I peaked in and who do you think I saw on the table?  Well, it was none other than the ORDM, and one of the studly regulars from 15th Avenue who has his cock firmly planted in ORDM's mouth. "SR" is a good looking black guy, and as luck would have it, ORDM loves chocolate in a big way.

As I made eye contact with ORDM, she pulled SR out of her mouth and said to me "there's room for one more in here".  This was music to your old friend in the white suit's ears. Since our conversation some 15 minutes prior, I knew if the opportunity presented itself, I would love to spend some time with her (in a nude and rude fashion).

The Real
In the back of my mind, knowing Farrah was in the next room getting pounded by an unknown assailant, made this hot situation even hotter. ORDM moved onto the table on all 4's, with SR behind her and me positioned right by her pretty face and blue eyes. She backed into his BBC as I slid into her waiting mouth. As I experienced earlier in the evening, the motion of ORDM getting pounded from behind was forcing me into ORDM's mouth, as she was getting fucked from both ends of her spectrum.

ORMD's oral skills are awesome...She took all of me all the way down to the twins, which doesn't happen that often, as was gagging on me (which I love). After a few minutes of this awesomeness, SR tapped out, and I had ORDM all to myself.  There was a huge crowd at the door, and this is where the fun really began...

Staying on all 4's, I moved behind her, suited up, leaned down and gave her pussy a long wet kiss from behind, and slid into her. Like Farrah, she gasped and I slid in the first time, and it was on.  This wasn't going to be slow and steady, lovey and dovey...This was going to be hardcore fucking, and exactly what ORDM wanted.

I looked up, and saw Farrah looking at me from the doorway (as she had finished next door), along with the 10-15 or so onlookers. She gave me a little wave and a big smile of approval.  Watching her watch me drill ORDM was a huge turn on...

I then grabbed ORDM's hips, and was driving into her... Her moans turned to screams. Her "oh God's" turned into "fuck me harder's". I cranked up the intensity, and inside of a minute I felt her tighten and squeeze as she came all over me.  She immediately flipped on her back, looked me right in the eye, grabbed my throbbing cock, and jammed it inside her. She wrapped her legs around me as I fucked her even harder... The screams got louder, the words dirtier.  She came again, even harder, as I felt her juices drip down my cock and balls.

We were both covered in sweat, and need a break... She embraced The Good Doctor, and I told her that I was looking forward to more later with her.  She replied "Really?".  My answer was a simple "Hell yeah!".

ORDM is a force of nature that should not be missed.  Trust me on this...

And it is here where we will end Part 1... Part 2 comes Friday afternoon, with Farrah getting very bad, Moaning Lisa making her appearance, Red getting naughty, Kimmie getting worked over... Oh, all of this was happening on the same sex table at the same time.

Signing off, your humble sea bass...


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