House Call! Part 2: Long Shirts & Stilettos Party in Chicago on 8/31 with Charlie's Angel Farrah, The Good Doctor, and a Cast of Dozens (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say breathes through a blow hole in the back of his neck like a dolphin, with Part 2 of the Long Shirts and Stilettos Party House Call Report.

When we last left our heroes, The Good Doctor and Farrah had been side-by side in separate rooms, applying their anatomy knowledge with The O'Hare MILF and "C" respectively.  Good times were had by all.

The party was now hopping, and couples were now streaming in. My good friend Moaning Lisa and her hubby J finally made it to the shindig, and she looked great in a long purple men's shirt and black Chuck Taylor's.
Another couple that arrived was Mike & Becca, a young attractive couple that was very active all night in this great party room/theater complex in Chicago's western burbs. She is a hot blonde with a great body and energy, and he is a very fit alpha with energy equal to Becca. At various times during the evening, I saw them playing in the party room, the theater, or behind the screen (more on that shortly, sports fans).

The Real Red from Racine
Rumor had it that the naughty Red from Racine was busy back in the sauna area, and this was validated when were saw her next... And she had the look of a woman wanting more and wanting it now.

One look at the lovely Charlie's Angel Farrah told me she was ready to shift into a higher gear.  Just when you think she has had enough, she wants more...A lot more. I knew it was a matter of moments before she would whisper in my ear "Let's go to the GB room".  I agreed after making sure my life insurance premium was paid in full, as I knew this would be intense. 

On the way back to the GB Room, we ran across my friends P&F, as the concept of the Shirts and Stilettos Party was her's. She was also carrying a paddle, which is not good news for butt cheeks around her. A couple of volunteers dropped trou and got a swat on the butt, much to every one's delight. Even The Good Doctor gave in to a swat, but kept my left bun covered. No one needs to see that cheek.

Farrah and the Good Doctor walked into the GB Room behind the movie screen, followed by a number of "walkers" and 1 or 2 other couples.  Faster than you can say "The Annexation of Puerto Rico", Farrah was out of her clothes and on the table in the GB Room.  And as usual, I struggled to get out of mine.

Farrah is one of those catalyst girls, albeit at a party or theater. I am sure Charlie had coached her up in previous visits, as it was such a natural act. You need one or more girls like this to break the ice.  As she leaned in to talk into my stethoscope, the room began to fill. Red from Racine was now at the opposite end of the table, first sucking a big cock, and eventually laying back to get fucked.

The Real Farrah
Picture this kids... Red is laying back, and now face to face with Farrah, who was now leaning back herself getting finger fucked by some guy in white suit, red shirt, and aviators. The girls were canoodling, and then I felt Farrah tighten up...That familiar sensation prior to that trip to Squirty Town (located down the road from Funky Town from what the locals tell me). Farrah squirted all over my hand, forearm, and that poor table. It drew oooh and ahhhs from the gathered, including me. Red had moved over, and was sucking on Farrah's boobs while I was finishing bringing Farrah to another orgasm.

It was at this point I looked up, and there were several more couples in the room. Mike and Becca were there in the far side of the room, and he was banging her from behind. A hot Hispanic girl was just over left shoulder, topless, getting slowly fucked from behind while she was stroking another cock in front of her.

Farrah had motioned me closer, and together with Red, both began doing down on me. Picture Farrah underneath, licking the twins while Red was bobbing up and down on my cock. Without missing a beat, they reversed positions, and continued...The visual from my angle was incredible.

I moved Farrah down to the far end of the table to make room for the other couples and also for me fuck her... She was scooting down, but I thought I would help. And by "help", I mean grabbing her by the legs and pulling her hard towards me. With her legs on my shoulders, I slipped into her slippery pussy. Almost immediately Farrah tensed again, and squirted between my legs and behind me (I should have called "four", but was lost in the moment).

The Real Farrah
It was then Moaning Lisa jumped into the fray, as she bent over the middle of the table and was face first into Red's boobs. Behind me I spotted Kimmie, a tall curvy brunette with glasses and new pierced nipples. Her hubby J was behind her, finger fucking her, and I placed my hand down the front of her to tag team the attention to her smooth and very wet pussy. J had already made her squirt, and I could feel her dripping down her own legs. I worked on her clit, and M her pussy, and together we made her cum again... HARD.

A new couple had entered the room, and had the best seat in the house. This tall curvy brunette with glasses, strapless print dress, and sexy eyes was transfixed on the goings on. She was standing in front of him, her back to his front, and was watching me pound Farrah.  She was melting into her guy, and that alone I thought was very exciting. They were content on watching, and that was A-OK with your humble author.

There was so much going on in this scene it's next to impossible to describe the action... It was a rugby scrum of the highest order... Boobs, hands, cocks, mouths, & pussys were everywhere. And was awesome...

The Good Doctor needed to check with his answering service at the hospital, check in with Charlie to assure him that his fairest Angel was going above and beyond the call of duty, and splash on a little more English Leather for the finale of the evening. Farrah needed to clean up, Moaning Lisa was just getting warmed up, and Kimmie was off to the sauna.

What a great ending to the festivities, right?


In Part 3, the official party ends, and the after party at a remote dogging location begins. Red from Racine and M's Shagmobile lives up to it's reputation, Farrah kicks it into another gear, The Good Doctor gets bent into a pretzel shape, & Moaning Lisa can't stop squirting while bent over the hood of the Lizardo 3000.

It's our ticket to awesome town, and all will be told in Part 3.

How can I ever thank Charlie enough for letting me take his Angel to this party?



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