Programming Note from The Good Doctor: New Report Format Starts Today!

Doc here with a Programming Note... Beginning today, Monday 9/16, I have reformatted the way reports and posts will appear on the home page.

Each new report on thhe homepage will include the banner, an introduction, and maybe a paragraph of the new report before you hit a "READ MORE" link, which will take you to the full report, complete with pics, video, etc. 

The reason behind this change is that reports are now becoming much longer and more pic and detail-filled, and you may miss earlier reports from that day or days prior. I have increased the # of reports visible on the homepage from 7 to 10 for starters to test this new format.

Let's give this a test, shall we?

CLICK this link

See, that wasn't too bad!... And to reward you for trying out the READ MORE button, here is a pic of the super sensuous Silk from Toronto for you:

This change is effective starting with this morning's reports and posts.

NOTE: Mobile users... This change doesn't effect you. Your viewing experience remains unchanged.


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