The Good Doctor's Mailbag: A Note From T-Bone in Toledo

Doc here with a late night edition of The Good Doctor's Mailbag.

This note comes from recent contributor, T-Bone in Toledo. I thought it was pretty cool that he wrote in, as he clearly reads all the reports that come across The Journal's front page.

Here we go!



I was reading how the readers broke the record for views to your blog. Awesome work Doc. It has been a wild month of August to say. You probably have so much to post you don't know where to start...

Here in Toledo we have had some awesome couples and females in attendance at the Westwood Theater. Every time I make my way there it's never a dull moment. Seems like something is always going on there. If it's not in the theater its in the glory holes.

It really seems like Charlie's Angels have been taking care of the Doc well and vice versa. The Doc has given them some of his potent power himself.

I'm sure you have a busy life outside of all the fun. So we'll sit and be patient until The Doc writes a few more scripts.

Looking forward to many more articles to cum.




You are correct, sir. It was an awesome August for many reasons... So many highlights, but none higher than meeting Farrah from Charlie's Angels. Just wait until you read about her at the Couples/Singles Party at 15th Avenue... This girl is sexual napalm.

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