The Good Doctor's Pic of the Day: Jean (from Scott & Jean) in Toledo

Doc here, a man some say sleeps upside down like a bat, with today's Pic of the Day.

One of the coolest couples I have gotten to know in this thing of ours recently is Jean & Scott, who play at The Westwood Theatre in Toledo.  They have gone from kicking the tires in this thing of ours to driving at 200 mph down the main straightaway in the course of this year.

The driving force here is the very sexy Jean, who in the vanilla world you would never guess enjoys being on her knees in a gloryhole booth and getting very naughty. You would picture her as an officer in a bank, or running a school board meeting.

So kids, without further ado, I am pleased to present the sexy and naughty Jean as The Good Doctor's Pic of the Day.



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