UPDATED Tuesday Morning at 9AM!: Visit Announcement! Charlie's Angels (in Full Force) @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicago Tuesday Night @ 7:30PM

UPDATED Tuesday Morning: Doc here again... On top of the call for couples for tonight (7:30PM) at 15th Ave. Adult Theater, a call out for BBCs has also been issued by The Journal of Adult Theaters.

A little birdie has told me that the BBC craving O'Hare MILF might be on the prowl tonight as well at 15th Avenue Adult Theater, looking for some chocolate to satisfy her sweet tooth.

So Couples and BBCs, if you plan on coming out to 15th Avenue Adult Theater this evening in Melrose Park, IL, drop me a quick e-mail at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com , telling me if you are a M/F couple (free tonight at 15th Avenue after 6pm), or a BBC.  We (Charlie's Angels, The Good Doctor, and O'Hare MILF) want to get an idea of who is coming tonight.

My white suit is pressed, and ready.


Original Announcement
Doc here with an exciting Upcoming Visit Announcement for 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL for Tuesday night at 7:30PM.

The full compliment of Charlie's Angels (Farrah, Jacklyn, and the chocolate loving Kate), along with a couple of their colleagues and a certain white-suited Doctor of questionable pedigree will be in attendance.

This crew of P.I.'s and one Doctor are looking for couples, since Tuesday is Couple's Night at 15th Avenue Adult Theater. After 6PM on Tuesday, M/F Couples are admitted Free. 

So couples, why not join us Tuesday night at 15th Avenue Adult Theater and let's show our colleagues a Chicago-style good time.  Make sure if you do come, tell us Doc sent you!


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