Video Exclusive! Piper The Gloryhole Princess/Journal Roving Reporter @ Modern World in Phoenix, AZ

Doc here, a man whose physical perfection is only exceeded by his hostility, with a Video Exclusive from my good friend and senior correspondent, Piper the Gloryhole Princess.

Here we go!


I promised to always give the Good Doctor the bad with the good and I would have to put Modern World in Phoenix on the bad list for couples. This was my second visit. I was super horny and ready to suck a bunch of cock on my knees in a sleazy gloryhole booth.  That didn't happen. The trolls were out of control even worse than last time.

Here is the video...

On a positive note, the staff are always super nice, I mean really nice but they have a laissez faire attitude as to what goes on in the booth area.  So with no supervision in the back, the trolls have no incentive to behave like men.  There were some nice guys there but as usual, the nice guys have their fun ruined by the trolls.

The above is what makes Berlin News in NJ and Fantasyland in Tampa so special.  The owners and the clerks really watch out for the women that frequent their establishments. The trolls don't want to make it on the banned list so they behave themselves.  The clerks at Modern World are so nice, it is unfortunate that they are not more involved in the back.  It really is a pleasantly perverted place.  The holes look so raunchy in a good way.  Plus they are bigger than normal.  I have been told that the GHs are too high for normal height men.  You would have to stand on your toes to get your cock through the hole.

Next special report coming from either the Berlin News or Fantasyland I or II.  It matters on which way I travel.  Did you like my drawing of you, Doc?



Doc here again... Love the drawing of me on the microphone, Piper. It captures both the handsome and rugged me, with a touch of my romantic side. Thanks again for the report, and sorry you had to go through that rodeo with the troll. 

Many thanks goes out to Piper and HPM for the energy and effort.  Keep the videos cumming!

Make sure you visit Piper's website, for more naughtiness from my good friend. And good God, is she a bad girl...


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