Visit Announcement! UL & D at CVE In Gastonia, NC @ 2PM TODAY!

Doc here with a Visit Announcement from UL & D (The Carolina Cumslut) for TODAY @ 2PM at CVE in Gastonia, NC.

Guys, do not miss this chance with the smoking hot "D"... See the pics below if you need any further persuasion.

Here we go!


Hey Doc,

UL here with a notice about an impending visit to the Carolina Video Exchange (CVE) .

Today (Wednesday) at 2pm...My wife "D ", The Carolina Cumslut, will drop by for some sucking and fucking.  She has also requested some ladies join her for some "slit sliding ". likes pussy almost as much as cum.

Last week she was on display in a private room with a series of cum donors rotating thru the door. She was naked the entire time and loved it.  

Today she wants more. 

UL & D

The Real "D"
(both above and Below)


Doc here again...If you make it to CVE today, make sure you tell the staff and UL & D that "Doc sent me!"  Also, if you have the chance, please submit a report... Would love to hear the details on this incredible woman's adventure at CVE.

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